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LORE - GA (Upper Echelons) -LOG 428376- Blue Moon Eighth Cycle  Empty LORE - GA (Upper Echelons) -LOG 428376- Blue Moon Eighth Cycle

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"Grandmaster's Log - It has been...89,902,293 Years now? And I have not aged more than I should have. All of my friends have died, all of my comrades passed. The book never ages, it remains resolute, as does my will and missive. Grey, Today would have been his birthright, if the poor man had not died...long ago. Gruess, he was a valiant man, one whom even I looked up to. Unfortunately, now it is only I that remains.  This is Log Number 428376, of Me, Barih, Servant of <REDACTED>"

The GA and The Twins:

"The Galactic Authority was founded by me, Grey, Greuss and <REDACTED> for the purpose of seeing justice done. Grey was never one for decorum, always focusing on the objective details, while Greuss was our public relations master. Our motto was written by them both, Grey's verses serving as an underlying foundation, and Greuss' serving to make it more dramatic. I was only there to lead.
We established the GA on the millionth year upon awakening, time had not affected us for that long for the books unending supply, but shortly after, it had begun to run out. Grey did not last long, after we had established ourselves, he had wanted to return to our old ways of one council for all. Greuss opposed that. Hah, I suppose now we can see that even millions of years ago, they both worked to be foils to each other. As for <REDACTED> He was the backbone of our order. I am ashamed to admit it, but he had the most experience with the book. After thousands of years passed on grey's death, we had started to advance our technology, my <REDACTED> and <REDACTED> Matter helped us to colonize and stay airborne for our entire lifespan. Then it had happened, we had landed on an asteroid and what I had seen there, it shocked me to my very co-" S-T-A-T-I-C "After saving the <REDACTED> we took them back to our main ship, I had seen within them the potential to become <REDACTED> And I had raised them to be my own daughters. Through multiple rounds of training, I <AUDIO FILE REDACTED> so they would not die eternally. And yet they had died of old age. I overlooked such a simple detail. If only I had tried to <AUDIO FILE REDACTED> with Grey and Greuss. Oh well, Regret can not fill the void. Thousands of years passed and we had spotted an unidentifiable <REDACTED> Floating in space, it was strange so we looked into it. And once again I had foun-" S-T-A-T-I-C
"It was entirely strange, each time I had run into them, it was as if it was a strange encounter, a floating <REDACTED> first, then a <REDACTED> It was as if they were brought back to one place after using up the <REDACTED>. I was no fool this time and had begun to infuse <AUDIO FILE REDACTED>. Though this time, it was not old age to be the cause of death. One of our officers of Grey's council decided that they were unfit to serve, so he had taken them from under my nose and slain them on an asteroid, after they had refused to go into the underground mining operations of our Galactic Authority. Needless to say, his corpse decorated the helm of my Jackdaw for years. Now it has been five thousand years. And I have finally found them once more. I am becoming older, but I remain the same as my old self. Well, let us see how it will work out this time. I will not fail. For the sake of master <REDACTED>. 

Grandmasters Log - Planets - :

"Our first planet that we had started off on, was Accellus, I had to show Amber how the working class functioned, the child never was one to pay attention, Ironically Rose was the one who had paid the most attention and learned the fastest. With the influence of the <REDACTED> their aging process was slowed tremendously, tomorrow it would be their Birthright day, on the outside it looks like they are only kids, but they are older than even our most senior soldiers. Tomorrow I shall take them to the worker class tournament held every year on Accellus, such a beautiful planet, covered by water, the synchro particle I hold resonates well with this place, I could be here eternally. Tomorrow I shall modify our looks to ones of the natives, and we shall come close to the tournament and watch the fun. We had met many of the locals here over the years, but Amber's favorite place was the aquatic pastry shop down near the center of every city, while Rose enjoys the architecture of the buildings, such curious minds they are." S-T-A-T-I-C
"After the tournament was over, we continued our training and left Accellus, Rose and Amber had decided to participate in the tournament and would have been recruited by the army of Accellus if I had not stepped in and took them away. Our second planet was Baerone. Ironically it was not hard to fit in. Once we had bartered with the community a bit, they had turned out to be quite nice people, their army has a youth program, so I enlisted the two kids into it. After years, they had come back as true soldiers, kicked out for misconduct. Needless to say they were disciplined. After their discharge we had set up our lives as farmers, We had grown crops, traded with the community, and even set up a small pastry shop, it still stands there to this day, granted now it is most likely a big chain of stores. After years, we had decided to leave. The Baerone government was shifting, and staying any longer was unnecessary." S-T-A-T-I-C
"After Baerone I had decided to bring them into the intricate workings of Unity, I had planted us into a crime families family, into a high up position, and we watched and learned as the money flowed in and out of the system, watching as every common man was more than a citizen. Amber disliked this planet, though Rose did not entirely. One day, while I was living in a small house, I had spotted a group of twelve people set fire to a small workshop. I would have interfered if I had not sensed the twins nearby, so I sat back and watched what they did.
They saved the Accellus citizen and had taken him to a hospital.
Then I had noticed that Amber had met up with someone, Disguising as a Unity citizen, I had followed them through a forest, into a large den of bandits. Standing outside, I had noticed a silent alarm go off,
and a large explosion detonate. Seeing many troops outside, approaching the den, with one sweep of my hand, they all turned around and ran, such cowardly guards. After seeing Amber walk out safe, I nodded to myself and looked at the man who was with her,
noticing something familiar about him, I followed him to a ship and three individuals, recognizing the ship as a Jerry-rigged SCBF364, one of our oldest modes of transportation on the GA, I shook my head and decided to mark the face of the one Amber met into my memory. And thus I made my way back home" S-T-A-T-I-C


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