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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:40 am

Ayame Aloy was born into a middle-class family with their own small business - that business being pastries. They would make delicious pastries that people from all over the planet would come over to try. Ayame grew up learning how to cook from his parents and grew into a wonderful baker. Over the years, Ayame got more involved in the business, eventually dealing with their finances like costs and income, however he continued to stay involved in the baking side, as he enjoyed making pastries as well as socialising with the people that would come in to try it. The majority of which were locals, but there were always new people coming in to try the famous pastries. Eventually they started making pastries based on the different seasons occurring around the planet, making people feel more comfortable in their shop and helping increase sales.

At one point on the planet, a criminal gang had been formed over the years, with them wanting nothing more than anarchy and territory, terrorizing many businesses for not only money, but for loyalty. Ayame's pastry shop was one of these businesses that were continuously terrorized. Eventually the planet of Eliphas had decided they wouldn't be able to handle the entirety of the gang themselves, so they contacted the G.A. The G.A sent a team of soldiers to help eradicate the gang and was dealt with quickly and precisely. Before leaving, a pair of twin soldiers that lead the attack went around to the businesses affected in order to check on things and make sure everyone was safe.

After entering Ayame's store, one of the twins immediately began eyeing up the pastries and getting giddy, while the other seemed embarrassed by the giddy twin and focused more on asking questions and making sure everything was okay. In order to "repay" their kindness, Ayame gave them a free bag of pastries, a few of which were immediately scoffed down by the giddy twin, while the other was eventually persuaded to have one and enjoyed it. Discussion ensued and the twins asked Ayame if he had used duel monsters before. After revealing he hadn't but had an interest in it, the twins agreed to teach him how to play, if they would be paid in pastries.

Over time, and over the years, the twins advanced through the ranks but still came back to Eliphas to further Ayame's dueling skill. When they were informed that they would be given access their own personal squad, Ayame was chosen immediately and was drafted into the G.A. Now in the G.A, Ayame was determined to be a force for justice, and was taken around the other planets (with permission from those planets) and shown around, eventually meeting the other duelists that would be drafted into the squad.

Once the squad was created, Ayame was given the tools to make his own cards, which he did and decided to focus more around an Ice attribute. Being trained in all manner of summons by the Twins, Ayame decided to focus on his home summoning method of Xyz, while also including Synchro and Fusion summoning as a surprise for any unsuspecting opponents.

Now in a Special Operative G.A Squadron, Ayame has made a fantastic amount of arrests and convictions for a "rookie" and under the wing of the Twins has amassed a good dueling skill and understanding (albeit nowhere near their own) and is now acknowledged as a member of the most famous squad inside the G.A - The Raza.

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