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Post by El Karpo on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:55 am

Name: Patrick "Paddy" O'Hoolihan

Age: 17

Deck: Bottoms Up

Summoning Method: Fusion

Race: Human

Appearance: 54 inches (4 /12 feet) tall. 112 lbs. A short scrawny man, he wears a cloak and a vagabond hat. He can't walk straight so he kind of hobbles everywhere, partly because of the alcoholism and partly because he's fucking tiny. He's got the meanest neckbeard you've ever seen, and smells like liquor and strippers' anal sphincters.

Personality: If he's not drunk, he'll find a way to change that. If he is drunk, he's probably an asshole. Describes himself as "Litty Titty."

Home: Wherever he can squat for the night.

Crew: Whoever offers him a drink.

Backround: The product of a crackhead mother and fetal alcohol syndrome, he came out of the womb looking like Jason Vorhees behind the mask. There wasn't much to drink or eat in his house, so he'd fill his cereal bowls with moonshine and croutons. He would dig through the trash in search of snacks, but would only find "Yellow's Deckbuilding Skills."

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