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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:33 am

Barbara “Smith” was a resident of the Fusion planet “Baerone” for the majority of her life. Her parents were the head of technology in the Fusion military and thus was surrounded by technology and technological jargon growing up, and through such, she developed her parents gifts and skills with technology at an impressive rate. However at the age of 12, her life was threatened by one of the criminal families of Pendulum, who had somehow managed to inject members of their family into the Fusion infrastructure. The price was Fusions technological advancements, securities and passcodes, in exchange for the safety of their daughter, which unfortunately for them they had decided to do. Before being able to however, they were caught by higher ups of their government, labelled as traitors and were sentenced to death, including Barbara who escaped at the last minute.

Homeless, wanted and on the run, Barbara lived in the dark parts of the Fusion Planet for years, scrounging up technology to create whatever she needed and using Duel Monsters as protection whenever required. Eventually she managed to create a small technological “hub” of sorts, in order to radio outside the planet for help, eventually reaching the earpiece of two high up twin G.A operatives. The twins explained that through looking into her “case”, she was still labelled as wanted, but not as high a priority as many things currently going on with the Fusion planet, due to the now discovered existence of Linkium and the growing demand for it throughout the universe. Barbara decided to still lay low, but use her technological hub in order to hide from Baerone’s military and help the Twins out with their new Squadron titled the Raza. She is listed as Barbara Smith under her name in the G.A and as “Tech Support”. Barbara has been informed that the G.A will use resources to take her when asked.

With Barbara’s skills, she can act as a radar, a pair of eyes and many other supportive abilities that will provide “The Raza” with all they need.

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