The Raza (Mission 2 - Unity Weapons Raid)

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The Raza (Mission 2 - Unity Weapons Raid) Empty The Raza (Mission 2 - Unity Weapons Raid)

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Mission Briefing:
Reports of G.A rogue member sighting in the planet Unity, near a weapon storage safe house.  The mission is to find the weapons storage house suspected of trafficking weapons, if the rogue agent is there, shift priority to tail him, then neutralize. If he is not there, seize the illegal arms under the name of the GA.

The Mission:
After opening the portal to Unity within the Portal Room inside the Jackdaw, Amber, Rose, Gauss and Sarco step through. Immediately after entering Unity, they begin to blend into the crowd.

Amber: "Alright, so... I've been placed in charge of this mission. We'll do this my way, okay?" Amber glances at Rose, looking for a nod, a smile or any sign of agreement that she not only agrees with her being a solo leader during this mission, but that she will follow her lead. Rose looks at her and smiles. Sarco and Gauss say nothing, as they assumed they would be lead anyway.

Amber: "So this is the current plan. We look for the weapon storage. After finding it, we wait for any signs of life inside or in the surrounding area, that looks like they may own, use, or go into the building. Afterwards, we have Sarco use his.... gifts, to introduce himself and either get into the building on good terms, or distract him enough for us to get a positive I.D. Understand?"

The team nods their head, in agreement with the current plan. Amber notices that Gauss seems off, remembering that during her briefing, Barih mentioned something about a new program for him and hoping that it wont hinder them rather than benefit them. After being guided by both Barbara and Saab, the team finds their way to the weapon storage by nightfall - the perfect time. They hide in the shadows, until they see a sign of life.

Eventually, someone shows up and starts unlocking the warehouse.

Amber: "Looks like we've found the merchant. Luckily, its Unity, there's not a whole lot of security, only a few people moving around the building. Once he goes in, Sarco will slowly walk up the building, more than likely getting the attention of the guards. Say you've been told that there's work available here, and strike up a conversation. Try and move then away. Once that's done, we run up, enter and hide in the dark. Once we're in, we'll stick to the dark. That'll give us time to find where the weapons are stored and investigate them. Understand?"

As soon as Amber finishes her orders, the man fully unlocks the entry way to the storage house and steps inside.

Amber: "Alright..... now"

Sarco waits for a moment, before walking up to the warehouse. Before getting anywhere near the door, he is shouted at and asked what his intentions are. Sarco informs them that he is looking for work, and heard he could find it here. One of the guards shouts for the man who entered the building. They didn't say a name. Just called him "Boss". The man came out, heard what Sarco was asking about and started asking him questions like "Where you from?" and "You with a crew". Sarco told him he was from Eliphas and was currently with a crew that handles security and protection. With him being the muscle. He was hired on the spot, told not to ask questions and was taken by the other security members to get him a weapon. This is when Amber saw her opportunity to strike.

"Amber: .... Now."

At this point, the remaining team move through the dark, lean against the wall of the building up to the door. After peeking inside, Amber moves in, with the rest following. Its smaller than she thought. However, after having Gauss pull up a scan, as well as Barbara finding the buildings "blueprints", Amber found a slope that lead down to a storage area inside the warehouse. It was bright, and well lit underneath, while the rest of the warehouse was fairly dark, marking its importance. Before entering, Gauss made notes of any alarms or trip wires that could be activated by entering the area, and if any where found, Saab explained how to disable them. Once the safety inspections were complete, Amber walked down the slope, with the rest of the team following closely.

There were 3 large crates. First thinking this to be strange for only 3 crates to be held in a merchant warehouse, she quickly came to the conclusion that they must be illegal weapons, or materials that will benefit the "Rogue G.A Officer" should they appear. Breaking all legal procedures, she ripped off one of the tops of the crates...

...She found nothing. Well, not nothing. There were weapons in this crate. Legal though, with ID numbers. Angered, she ripped off the top of the 2nd crate. This one had legal weapons in it, but also materials. Food. General trading items.

Rose: Amber....

Amber: There has to be something here. I'm not failing another mission. I refuse too.

Amber rips off the 3rd crates top and much to the surprise of Amber. The same things as the other two. Legal weapons, weapon permits and materials.

Rose: We must've just gotten false Intel again. You know how people like to spread lies.

Amber, enraged at being led astray and failing yet another mission, kicks the create with all of her might, breaking it. Although, the pieces that broke off didn't fall on the floor. They fell down. Upon further inspection, there was a hole beneath the crate. They pushed the one previously checked and that had a hole as well. After shining a flashlight into the hole, Amber found the rest of the crates a warehouse should have. Inside a secret floor beneath the basement.

Amber and Rose summoned a few monsters, in order to expand the size of the holes, which they did so they could jump down. Afterwards, they opened a crate on the secret level. They found what they were looking for. What looked to be powerful weapons, illegal to buy or sell, as well as materials that could make explosives and a whole lot of food rations. The twins had no idea what they were looking at. They didn't know why a merchant would be selling this stuff in a single crate.

After digging through the crate, they found something else. Posters. Bounty posters, or what looked like bounty posters. It had a reward sum of currency on it for "Information" regarding what was on the poster. It was a picture of a bright shield crest. Rose had never seen it before, but Amber looked like she was struggling. She told her sister that she had seen this before, somewhere and that it looked really familiar, but she was unable to place it. Rose thought she was imagining things. Either way, they found what they were looking for in terms of illegal trading. At this moment, the room they were inside lit up, and a door opened behind them. A man behind it. Skinny, general common clothes. Snapback. He paused for a moment and looked at them, as if he recognized them, before running. Running for dear life. The sisters made chase, running through tunnels and eventually catching him just as they left the underground tunnels, coming out to a small shack just outside of town. The man pulled out a small switch blade and tried to stab Amber, as she dodges and then Rose clocks him clean in the jaw, knocking him down.

Amber: Nice job, you're under arrest.

???: For what? Running? You have nothing to pin on me.

Amber: Attempted murder of a GAO, genius. That's all I need. Now, we can wait for interrogation or you can tell us now. Why were you moving all of those weapons and food rations, and how you got the merchant to assist in this.

???: Pfft. GA scum. The merchant had nothing to do with this. His horrible shop and lack of customers made him a severely easy target to swindle. He had no idea what he was packing away.

Amber: And the picture of the shield?

???: I aint telling you nothing else, you GA pigs! We members of the rebellion will take care of you monsters soon enough!  

Rose: Rebellion?

Amber: What are you talking about?

???: HA! You don't even know that much! So much for the ALMIGHTY G.A! HAHAHAHA *Rose clocks him again, knocking him out*

Amber: Rebellion? We need to talk to Barih about this.

After cuffing the rebellion sleaze, Amber and Rose make their way back to the front of the warehouse, where the merchant and his few guards are waiting for them with Sarco.

Merchant: G-G.A officers. I've heard all about you on the news. I-Im sorry about all this, I didn't know what they were using me for. I don't have many clientele you see. So when someone wanted to move large shipments I jumped at the chance without asking questions...

Sarco: I spoke with him, he's a good man that's not got a lot o' luck. I've been in that position.

Amber: We've got nothing on you. You're free to go. For now.

After the conversation, Gauss has Saab open a portal from their original location, as they take the rebel and walk through back to the Jackdaw. Amber has the Rebel taken to a holding cell, before grabbing Rose, and storming over to Barih's quarters, banging on the doors and demanding answers. The door opened, Barih stood there, as if he was waiting for them and then began to speak.

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