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Post by Nick Man on Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:59 pm

Name: Tyle Krandis
Role: Son of Unic Krandus, head of the Krandus crime family on Unity and congress member.
Deck: N/A

Name: Yara Mathus
Role: Blake and Jack's uncle, also Mathus Tribe Leader on Ail Rut
Deck: N/A

Name: Quinn Shiro
Role: Infamous Bounty Hunter, known as Hunter. Brother to Flin Shiro, son of Lan Shiro.
Deck: Superior HERO

Name: Ren Shiro
Role: Father of Quinn, Rane, and Flin Shiro. Was previously Ren Shizuro, father of Nick Shizuro. Due to the Dark Millenium BRacelets power combined with the other millenium items, he survived the rewrite. Trained his boys, but trained Quinn further after his new wife had died. Has now dissappeared after his intense training session with Quinn.

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