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Shiromaru's birth was an interesting one. His father died an hour before he was born, and his mother died an hour after he was. Thus he was considered a cursed child. Unfortunately for him, he was cast away onto a ship, and set adrift in space. It was unknown how he had survived for so long, but he was a healthy little baby when a tall man bearing the insignia of the GA found him adrift. Taking pity on him, the man laid his hand on Shiro's head and vowed to him that they would meet again. And thus, Shiromaru died. Seemingly erased from existence. A thousand years later, a strange circumstance occurred on board of the Jackdaw, Greuss had died an hour before his child was born, and the birth mother died an hour later.

Grieving over the loss of one of their founders, the GA officials wanted to kill the accursed baby, but one member would not allow them. Ironically it was Grey. He took in the baby and vowed to raise him as his own. He taught him morals, he taught the baby how to be happy. But it could not last. Within a year of being born, the baby died. And Grey fell into a stupor, grieving the loss of his child, he became mad. Insanity had its grip on him, more than it should have, and thus the internal corruption had begun in the upper echelons in the GA. Grey had vowed to meet the child again, and thus sent the officials to "Recruit" the youngest population and indoctrinate them into the GA. It was not a while before Grey had passed due to interesting circumstances. On his birthright day, Grey's eyes were lifeless and he was not moving, it seemed that somehow his heart had stopped beating, as if his life force was sucked right out.

Grieving the loss of another founder, the GA had decided to carry on his legacy, becoming even more corrupted than before. It was at this point that Barih stepped in. He had figured out what had occurred with Greuss and Grey. And he was determined to solve it. Barih went out from the Jackdaw, for one thousand years, he was missing. When he had come back, he seemed to be a different man. Then all of a sudden, the GA stumbled upon the remains of an asteroid, they had sent Barih and a team of experts to explore it, inside, Barih found the two twins, and dubbed them Amber and Rose. But he had also found another thing. A fragment of a shield. So he took it and kept it secret.

Unknowingly, the shield fragment had begun to melt after being stored, and half of the jackdaw's population had begun to lose their lifeforce. It was then that Barih stepped in. He had not been affected by the life steal, and thus he had entered unharmed. What he had seen shocked him. It was a baby boy, bathed in an azure glow, that was maturing at a shocking speed, as those around him were dying quickly. Eventually, Barih subdued the child and placed his hand on his head, and a tremor ran through them both. Barih decided to take in the child.

Barih trained the twins separately from the boy, the boy was subjected to much more rigorous training than the twins were. His mind was sharpened by having him torture and kill others, his reflexes were sharpened by having him fight Barih on a daily basis, his personality was shaped by Barih himself, infecting him with a sense of justice. The boy had taken everything that was given to him, and he had excelled at it. All summoning methods were perfected by him, the mini particles, however rejected him, yet he prevailed without them, to Barih's surprise. After a while Barih had trained him to the point of being able to stand on equal footing with him, becoming his most perfect disciple. Unknowingly 90 years had passed, and the boy was still as young as ever. Yet the twins had passed away, from old age.

Aggrieved, Barih had been sent into a stupor. The training increased in intensity, and Shiromaru had begun to take missions for the GA, assassinating important targets, taking out cartels all by himself. He had become shadow number 1. Though, thousands of years had passed, and he had only aged enough to be a teenager by the time the twins were found once more, and so he was the perfect heir to Barih. But Barih wanted to focus on something else, so he wholeheartedly devoted himself to the twins., and left the lad to his own devices. It was at this point that the kid had left the GA and went to many planets, without a spaceship, he flew through space and crashlanded onto the planet of unity, his physical body burnt away, and a shield fragment left in its place.

Over the years, the shield fragment began to dissolve, absorbing the nourishment of the planet, the fields of Unity had turned quite barren. and the boy was reborn once more, retaining his memories of the past, he set out with his new body and stayed in an adoptive home for a while. Learning and developing his personality. It was here that he learned how to con people, how to steal, how to run with the wind, and how to dance with the shadows, it was here that he learned how to hijack ships, and how to mug people. Shiromaru had grown up, after thousands of years passed, and unknowingly, his appearance changed to match the natives of the planet he was born on. Getting bored of unity, he decided to leave the planet. So he hijacked a ship and crashlanded onto Baerone.

On Baerone, a strange thing happened, a dormant volcano suddenly had begun to smoke and erupt, and the land around it had begun to be filled with death. An azure glow filled the area at night. One day some Baerone citizens discovered a babies cries in the night, and found an abandoned Baerone baby. They took it in and raised it as one of theirs, the baby grew up to be more military oriented than they had thought, and they had sent it to join the army at a young age, and the body was tempered to an even stronger degree than before. The baby learned how to handle guns, and how to use laser pistols, and how to build ships, also learning how close knit some communities are. Eventually, he got bored of it, so after hijacking a ship, he crashlanded on the planet of Accellus.

On Accellus, suddenly on the water planet with no land, there was a giant island in the middle of nowhere, it had appeared seemingly overnight, in the crater there was a giant ship, and a small baby's cries were coming from it. The Accellus people took it in, raising it as one of their own. After many years, the baby learned about engineering, architecture, ship design, and even peace. He enjoyed peace, all he knew was war, no more, he had decided. So he had dedicated himself to be a warrior for peace. After a thousand years had passed, he had decided to move from this planet, so he crashlanded onto Eliphas.

On Eliphas, the weather had always been unstable, though now it had reached an unprecedented degree, it was summer in the snowy areas, and snowy in the summer areas, and the rain was virtually nonexistant in the parts that it was normally abundant in. In the center of all the gravitas, there was a crashed ship, and a baby was found by the locals, and raised. It was here that he achieved his extraordinary sense of smell, sense of hearing and sense of touch, also here that he learned how to become territorial, and how to bake pastries, setting up a small pastry shop for a small family of two, for them to do as they pleased. After a millenia, he had decided that it was enough. And so he blasted off to a new home.

He landed on Ait' Rul, in the barren part of it. All of the crops directly withered as he had sustained himself, and it was labelled the day of the black crop. He was found by Yara's great great great great great great great Grandfather, and was taken in as a member of the family. It was here that he learned pride, sharpened his dueling skills, and astounded his family with his skills. He was the best bloke who plowed land south of cities. And he always retained his young appearance. For many years, even after Yara was born, he was young. After Yara matured and Blake was born, Shiromaru was still young. Shiromaru left the planet and went back to Eliphas, where he met the love of his life, her name was "Mirasune", and she was an Eliphas girl, who ran a pastry shop from a young age.

Their romance was frowned upon, and Mirasune had attracted a number of attention from many rich scumbags, who had decided that they had enough and kidnapped her from Shiromaru. This enraged him. He went berserk and killed the captain of a mercenary ship and took his shapeshifting coat, disguising as the captain, he went and hunted down the scumbag who had stolen his love. He snuck onto the ship, and was about to free his love before a giant explosion wracked the specific area he was in, incinerating him into nothingness. In her stupor, the girl lunged herself onto the fragment of the shield that was left behind, and suddenly a giant vacuum of force had started to suck in the entire life force of all people on the ship. The girl bearing the full brunt of it. In a short amount of time, nothing was left of the girl, and nothing was left of both crews. All that remained was a grieving lad, on his knees, grieving and screaming, holding the girls lifeless and withered body in his hands.

After hours of screaming he had decided that he was to die, but he could not. His body seemed indestructible, and he could not destroy his spirit. At his lowest, a voice sounded through his head "Jack, Shiro, it is I, I had told you that we would meet again. And we have. You now work for the Galactic Authority. You will man a pirate crew and kill these scumbags so this does not happen to anyone else." With those words, the voice faded. Shiromaru stood and unknowingly, his tears vanished. He reached into the pocket of his suit and found a picture that was not there at first. He took it out and examined it, tearing up, he saw that it was him and Mirasune. He pocketed it and emerged from the ship, modifying it to his liking, he went from planet to planet, killing scumbags on his own, before forming a crew with some other. Now he is known as Captain Jack Shiro, the scourge of the galaxy.


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