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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:34 pm

Saab, was an average, common civilian on the peaceful planet of Accellus before his accident. He had a normal life, grew up around other normal people and had a fantastic childhood. While growing up he had a large interest in engineering - the workings and structure of machinery. After ascending through the ages, he focused all his time and effort on engineering and trying to build his own spacecraft, in order to go out and gain further knowledge on machines and space-tech. Eventually he had done this. He had created his one small ship for space travel, and after testing, he set a course for the closest planet with free entry - Unity.

After arriving on Unity, Saab was greeted by what looked like a lovely, peaceful culture almost similar to his own. He met new people, some of which shares his views on engineering, who he gained fond of. After earning some money doing some mechanical jobs, he noticed his loss of energy, light-headedness and loss of balance. He quickly deducted that this was due to being out of water, or a water covered environment for a while. Deciding not to cut his trip short, he bought a small building for a workshop, and began work on a suit that would sustain him with life support, filled with self-restoring water tanks that would allow him to be at full energy at all times.

It was at this moment that Unity's true colours were revealed to him, during the night, the night the suit was finished and needed to only be powered - which he would have finished the next morning, his workshop was broken into. Hearing this, Saab was alert immediately and confronted the criminals. Quickly being defeated by the strength of their Duel Monsters, as well as physical strength, he was helpless to watch his suit being stolen by criminals, before they lit the front of the workshop - which was inside a barn-like building with wooden structures, on fire. Saab used all of his strength to crawl away, to escape from the fire as well as the collapsing building... but he was too late. The building collapsed on top of him, or rather half of him. Saab, from the crotch downward, was completely crushed by the remains of the building.

After passing out, he awoke to the remains of his legs (stubs really) bandaged up and in a bed, turning to see two women who looked almost exactly alike on the other side of the room. After a short introduction, the women were revealed to be Amber & Rose - Two twins currently rising through the ranks of the G.A. Saab, explaining his story to the two twins, pleaded to them to help him get his suit back if he were to live. The twins accepted without hesitation, giving Saab both ease but suspicions as to why these two would jump at the chance so easily.

The twins returned with his suit shortly after, and began helping him gather the necessary materials in order to power it. After doing so, Saab was helped into the suit and began to regain energy and his wounds began to heal (except his no longer existent limbs.) Being grateful to the Twins and stating he would do whatever he could to repay them, they revealed that they had recently been granted the privilege of running their own squadron, and that they wanted Saab to be a part of it, as their engineering expert. After a short time of convincing and persuading, Saab accepted his role, being told he would either be in a G.A workshop or behind the "wheel" of a ship, which he was relieved in, as he had enough excitement for one life.

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