The Raza (Ayame's Training)

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The Raza (Ayame's Training) Empty The Raza (Ayame's Training)

Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:02 am

Ayame awakens inside the G.A infirmary, completely healed and ready to go. He sits up on his infirmary bed, drowsy and yet still somehow alert (Probably due to his enhanced senses). A doctor notices his consciousness and informs The Raza of his recovery. After hearing Ayame is awake, Amber, still in a foul mood, storms towards his location, before breathing slowly and walking inside. Ayame looked over at her and smiled, immediately knowing which sister she was just by the look on her face.

Amber: "You okay? You took a pretty nasty direct shot."

Ayame: "Yeah. I’m completely fine. I’m just a little drowsy. Hope I haven't missed much."

Amber: "Ah... WELL... my sister is currently undercover on a Pirate ship which is in league with the rebellion, so she's using them as a way inside..."

Ayame: "Oh. Well, it’s Rose. AND it’s a Pirate Ship. She'll be fine."

Amber: "I... somewhat agree. However, until she's back I'll need someone to take the place she had on the team. That means you."

Ayame: "M-me? You want me to be a replacement Rose?"

Amber: "Oh please, no one could be a replacement Rose. You're just a replacement of her position in the Team right now. You'll basically be my right hand. Don't worry anything combat I'll take care of. However, when it comes to dueling... I'll have to train you. NOT in the happy light-hearted way we trained you back on Eliphas. This will be tough. Although you'll end up reaching places in both skill and ability that you never knew you had."

Ayame: "Oh. Uhm... Alright. If the team needs me to do it, then I will."

Amber: "Good. I'll give you an hour to get ready. Then come to the training hall... I have a gift for you."

Amber walks out of the room without another word, her footsteps completely silent. Ayame is sitting there, unsure if he should be happy or worried. This training will be tough, but he should come out better for it. Also, a gift from Amber of all people... will probably be a knuckle sandwich.

After an hour of preparation, Ayame enters the training hall, finding Amber in there, standing straight and waiting patiently with her duel disk attached to her arm.

After many many hours (The time in which the entire "Hunter" event took place) Ayame was dripping in sweat, having been focused entirely on dueling the whole time. He had improved his dueling skills at least tenfold, but still he was nowhere near defeating Amber. Her ability to perform multiple Link summons in one turn were too much for him, and the closest he ever came to winning was reducing her to 2600 LP. He was exhausted, yet Amber was still calm, collected and seemed to be full of energy. Eventually, after another unsuccessful match, she stopped for a moment.

Amber: "Do you know why we've been at this for so long?"

Ayame: "Not fully. I assumed it was to help me understand my deck more and grasp more combos within it."

Amber: *Smirks* "Yes, well, while that WAS a sub goal, the main thing here was to fully develop your mind when it came to understanding how Link Summoning works. Here. *Amber throws a card to Ayame*

Ayame: "This is..."

Amber: "A Link monster I created for you. A Link -2. It should be valuable to you when it comes to summoning extra deck monsters, like your NEO Genesis or NEO Hyperbolic."

Ayame: "How did you get this? I thought Linkium was scarce now?"

Amber: "Ssshhh... I MAY have stolen a little drop. Don't tell anyone, alright. Now then. We need to leave. We have one last stop for you."

Ayame felt uneasy about leaving the ship with Amber for another extension of 'training' as he was both exhausted and scared of her methods. However, being loyal to the team, and trustworthy to his leader, Ayame follows Amber and her orders. They grab a small ship and Amber refuses to tell Ayame where they are headed.

Eventually they arrive at a small ruin. A temple like area. Once Amber said she visited before, and it was where she unlocked her key ability.

They both walked inside. Amber walked up to the top of the stairs. The middle of the room was a lit green flame that never seemed to flicker. She told Ayame that in this room she duelled a version of herself. One that let her pass the limitations she had set on herself and that Ayame would too have to beat the person who he saw was his limit. In this case, being her. She readied her duel disk and told him that "In this place, you will unlock the chains on your abilities, and realize who you can become". Ayame raised his disk. They began the duel.

It was nearing the end. Ayame was losing with 1100 LP, while Amber, although not far behind, was winning with 2600 LP. Before drawing his next card, Ayame fell to his knees, apologizing again and again to Amber that he wasn't good enough. He couldn't meet her expectations and surpass his limit. This made her angry. She snapped at him, shouting at him that he's limiting himself with denial of his abilities, and that perhaps she was wrong and he was too stupid to even understand what he was doing here in the first place. He agreed. However, just before surrendering, Ayame felt a small voice in the back of his mind. A consciousness alongside his own, telling him to get up, again and again. However, even with the encouragement of this voice, he still couldn't find the strength to go on. The voice started to get louder and louder, deeper and deeper. Until it was as loud as his own thinking. Then louder. He felt deaf. He couldn't hear himself think. Before he knew it. He had lost control of himself entirely. Everything around his vanishes, and only a figure, in a purple haze remained. It told him that he was capable of crafting his own destiny, and that his limits, unlike so many others, didn't exist. He was encouraged. He found his motivation, although he had no idea WHAT this thing was. He "awoke" to find himself in the same place and same position he was in before that happened and thought that it was only a scenario his mind had created in order to help him.

Ayame stood up, prideful and confident. Amber was surprised as she had honestly thought he would have given up. An Icy blue aura surrounded him, as he readied his draw, before declaring "All the light and power, reside in my right arm and illuminate the path of hope! Skill Activate! Hybrid Draw!" Ayame draws his card, a card completely made of light as a shock-wave is sent across the room, and Amber is slightly stunned. The card then materializes as he looks at it with amazement. "Ayame: A ritual spell card?" Ayame then feels the gaze of something. Something inside his extra deck, calling to him. Asking to help. He then activates the Ritual Spell card, much to the disbelief of Amber. This spell card, named "Cryo-Link-Ritual" allowed him to Ritual Summon a Ritual Link monster from his Extra deck, with the tribute being his own Life Points, for 500x the Level/Link of the monster. "Arrowheads confirmed. I use my Life as tribute for the Ritual, and place them in the Link Markers! Circuit combine! Arise, O ancient sorceress with eyes of blue! Who appears through the veil of life, may the supernatural secret spell awaken you without strife! Ritual-Link Summon! Link 2 - Cryo-Eyes Frozen Magician!" Amber is stunned. As well as Ayame who had not expected it to work. A Ritual Link Monster. Although, it only had 1500 ATK and was no match for ANY of the monsters Amber had on the field. However, with this monster in play, Ayame saw his road to dawn. He summoned a new Cryo monster "Cryo Atom Manipulator". He used this monsters effect, to target 1 monster on Amber's field and change it to Defense Position. He targeted "Volatile Sparker"(2000/200). Using "Frozen Magician", he attacked the defence position "Volatile Sparker". Amber was confused. This didn't mean Victory. Next turn she would wipe out "Frozen Magician" and win the duel. Ayame only had 100 Life Points left. This, however, is where Ayame revealed the effect of "Frozen Magician". When it attacked a Defense Position monster, it deals double piercing damage. Amber was shocked. She didn't expect it, or even anticipate it. "Volatile Sparker has 200 DEF. Frozen Magician has 1500 ATK. 1500-200= 1300 Damage, but with Double, it becomes 2600. This will lower your Life Points to exactly 0." The attack connected, "Volatile Sparker" was destroyed, and Amber's Life Points were reduced to 0. The duel was over, and Ayame's blue aura disappeared.

Ayame: "I... I won? I WON! *Ayame started shouting and jumping excitedly." He looked at Amber to see both a look of pride and disbelief.

Amber: "You beat me..."

Ayame: "I don't know what happened; I was suddenly able to draw a card like that? That card that monster weren't even in my deck."

Amber: "It’s called a Duel Skill. It’s an innate ability that everybody carries, although they're usually very different from each other. This is where my sister and I came to find ours. I had no idea yours would grant you the ability to summon a Link Ritual monster. One from the Extra Deck, no less. However, we need to figure out what causes your skill to activate, but we can do that later. Now, you're ready to become my right hand, okay? Don't let it go to your head, as it’s only temporary. We can head back now, though. You can rest too."

Ayame continued to prance about with excitement, as not only did he beat Amber, but he also unlocked an ability that would further his power and help him bring justice throughout the universe. Ayame and Amber returned to the Jackdaw, and both rested, awaiting their next mission.

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