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Post by Shade_killer on Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:30 pm

Name: Shiromaru

Age: ???

Deck: Unknown

Summoning method: Unknown

Race: ??? Assumed Ail Rut from appearance

Appearance: Tall, human features, lanky, black hair, purple eyes, Golden streaks in his hair, wears a blue robe that changes to any form of clothing it wants, a black pirates hat, and an eyepatch, with a cigar from his mouth.

Personality: Seemingly laid back, but strict when necessary

Home: The Jackdaw (Away in action for now)

Backstory: According to records, he was raised from a young age on every planet, learning all of the summoning methods, and integrating with every society fluidy wherever he went. Expert recon artist, con artist, specializes in engineering and laser pistols and social engineering. He formed a pirate crew to "Raid and protect" called "The Flying Shipmen" No one knows that he is actually an elite agent under Barih himself.

Other notes: Never reveals his true identity to anyone, goes by Jack Shiro. Or Shiro Jack.

Crew: The Flying Shipmen


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