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Post by Nick Man on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:55 pm

Name: Alyssa Harrison
Relation: Childhood friend
Deck: Fusion Vocaloids

Name: Julia Harrison
Relation: Alyssa's mom
Deck: XYZ Vocaloids

Name: Rose Shizuro
Relation: Adopted little sister

Name: Chase Lan
Relation: School Douchebag
Deck: Future Gear

Mr. X
Relation: Overly nice teacher
Deck: Arch Beetle

Name: Ryan Gray
Relation: Douchebag #2
Deck: Dark Android

Name: William Lan
Relation: Father of world's biggest Douchebag
Deck: ????

Name: Mike
Relation: Best Friend
Deck: ????

Name: Drake
Relation: Old friend of Nick's/Famous Duelist/ Romin's First student.
Deck: Red Dragon Archfiend Deck

Name: Father (Ren)
Relation: Evil Father/Leader of the Dark Hand
Deck: Superior HERO

Name: Lana
Relation: General in Dark Hand
Deck: ???

Name: Jon
Relation: General in Dark Hand

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