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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:07 pm

After getting Julia to agree that giving an enrollment test for Acacia was the best possible choice, they both returned to his dorm to rest. The morning after, they had the free time of a Sunday. No classes. Best day of the week in Silver's opinion. Silver decided that if Acacia was to stay in Domino city, she would need to be familiar with all the landmarks.

After a couple of hours, they grabbed lunch. Acacia seemed to be enjoying her day. Seeing the city for the first time without captors and such, of course who wouldn't be happy to be free from that. While walking down a busy street, something caught Acacia's eye. A bookshop. Silver was disgusted at the sight, considering all he ever does all week is look at books. He knew Acacia would feel the same as soon as she started, but for now, let her enjoy herself.

She was looking at all kinds of books, her favorite seemed to be on the various types of dueling. Turbo, Action, it was all very new to her. While on her way out, she accidentally stumbled into an old man. He forgave her right away, a little too quickly in Silver's opinion. The old man looked rather sketchy, as if he was prepared for the tumble. Regardless the man started talking to them.

"That could've been a rather nasty fall, I'm glad we're both alright. I see you're both duelists? At the dueling academy are we? I used to be a duelist once upon a time. Now I spend my time trying to find the uh... *he looks around him, to make sure no one is listening * the legendary hidden library. Said to house thousands of ancient books, discussing the evil Shadow Games, as well as many other secrets hidden from the ages. Its been my life goal to find this place. A lot of people know about the legend, and all of them think its hogwash."

Acacia is dazzled by the man's story, believing every word he says. It seemed she was incredibly fascinated by the idea of a legendary library. Silver however, like everyone else apparently, didn't believe a single word this man said. It seemed too... coincidental, for them to randomly walk into him, and now be on a quest to find a stupid library... but, he promised Acacia that he would do whatever she wanted on this day. Although he didn't have to be happy about it.

"That sounds amazing! Can I help you find it! I'm sure altogether we would find this library in no time! What wonders it could hold...."

The old man chuckles graciously. He told them that he had 3 current leads about the current location of this hidden library. The first, being that it was under the biggest hotel in the city. So naturally, we were all on our way. Acacia was still dazzled by the idea, Silver could see it in her eyes. She asked about why it would be under a big hotel. To which the old man smiled, and began to tell its tale.

"Hundreds, or maybe even thousands of years ago. This library was built to house the secret information of the world. Many people believe it was built as far away from water as physically possible, to keep such things from any danger of becoming damaged. However that's completely untrue. In fact, the library was build extremely close to water, for easier access. Secret area's are usually built under water for not only easier access, but to hide them from unsuspected bystanders. However, yet again, the land split into 3, causing the library to go deeper into the Earth, which is why its yet to be seen again, and has drifted into legend. Of course, all of this is still a theory until proven. The three locations I have for such a place are: Under the Domino City hotel, as their lowest floor is a natural pool/sauna, it would be the perfect place to hide a library under, especially if the water theory is correct. Another is under the laboratory inside "duel academy" apparently the lab was built eons ago, and was built over sacred land. If this library was to exist, I'm sure it would be considered sacred. The last, is under the largest fountain in Domino City, in the plaza. A large body of water, and  a massive area. I do believe for it to be in a single one of these places, and if not, then it really doesn't exist...and I've wasted my life.."

Acacia looked like she was about to cry... for what reason? This old man's story? For all we know he's made it up on the spot...what's his true agenda..?

They reached the hotel, and after sneaking past security (of course the pool is guests only), they reached a secluded spot. A hallway near the pool. A dead end. A hallway, at a pool, not leading anywhere. Silver could small the excitement coming from Acacia and this old guy. Come to think of it, we still didn't know this old guy's name. Before taking another step, Silver asked for his name, before Acacia snapped back to her senses for a few seconds and realized she had no idea of his name too. "Crescent" he said. Like hell. Silver recognized the name as clearly fake, and it looked like Acacia was to excited to care. ""Crescent"", took a few steps forward. Before raising his arms in the air, and saying a phrase, over and over again. "-! Trowen Ma' Achneeth !-" Silver had no idea what it meant, and it looked like not knowing what this meant excited Acacia even more. However, like all legends, nothing happened. Not a single thing. Everything was the same. Acacia looked upset for a few seconds, before smiling (something Silver hadn't seen before), and saying "Oh well.. That's only 1 out of 3 though. I'm sure it'll appear at one of the other 2! Don't give up!" To Silver, it looked like his usual optimism was growing on her. However he couldn't be optimistic this time. It was too bizarre, and this old guy was too shady to be trusted.

After a few more hours, and this old guy faking a "Visitors Pass" into the academy, they were on tour at the laboratory, with what seemed to be a lot of press. Silver was surprised about the amount of people on this tour, as he had no idea this laboratory even existed. After reaching the end of the tour, near the "end" of the facility, he spoke the words again. "-! Trowen Ma' Achneeth !-" and to the dismay of Acacia and ""Crescent"", nothing happened.

"It has to be at the fountain! At last, we've found the location of the library! C'mon, we must make haste!"

Silver saw the old man move with more spunk than he himself has in his entire life.. which only grew the suspicion he had of him. No old man could move like that... but just as he was about to voice his concerns to Acacia, off she goes after him...

Silver arrived to see Acacia and ""Crescent"" at the edge of the fountain.

"This is our final hope. Until we find more news on it later, I guess... Here goes." *At this moment, rain begins to pour, everything except the rain seems to go quiet..*

Again, he spoke the words. Loud enough to shatter a mountain...


Silver couldn't believe what he was witnessing..., and the old man had raised him arms again, shouting the phrase various time, Acacia, ""Crescent"" and even Silver were in complete disbelief....


Silver looked to his right, to see Acacia looking like she's about to burst, with the old man looking like he might.. cry? Maybe...

"...Well. I didn't really expect it to be here, but I had hoped... Um, obligatory thanks, you two. Don't give up, life is full of surprises. Yada yada... We'll figure it out next time, don't worryyy. No! no need for crying. Fine, cry on my shoulders. No, don't cry on my shoulders. Cry on my shoulders. No you'll ruin my only jacket. Fine, cry on my shoul-"

At that moment, a rumble is heard as the ground around the fountain begins to shake, and a path rises from the edge of the fountain where they stand, to the statue in the middle, a door opening at the bottom.

"Oh, ok."

The old man dashed across the path, and down the steps into the statue. Silver knew at this moment, his suspicions were probably true. I mean, he fucked up. Yeah. Memes and all that. Anyway, Silver and Acacia went in after him, intrigued by what this library holds. It was very late at night, well after their curfew, so Silver knew he was probably gonna get scolded either way. So they both decided to enter at the same time, to see what mysteries this place could unfold.

This place was amazing. It was absolutely massive. There we statues of old duel monsters everywhere, as well as books on exactly what the old guy said. The Shadow Games. Not just the Shadow Games though, on every form of ancient dueling, and all events that had happened up to this things creation. Ancient Egypt. Everything. Many theorems on alien races. One which struck Silver most was one race called "Barian" he couldn't put his finger on it. He'd never heard of them before, and yet... he had. He decided to keep this book, and continue with Acacia to try and find ""Crescent"".

This place was so big, it was like a maze. A few of the stairs had crumbled away... was that from natural causes, or did ""Crescent"" try to stop them from progressing past this part. Regardless Silver and Acacia climbed a bookshelf to progress. At what seemed to be the very end of the library, was a hallway with a wall broken into. He had to be through there. Through there was a room. A room full of language none of them were able to understand, and at the very end. A steel door, two giant statues, a table of some sort and ""Crescent""

"I wondered when you two would show up again. If you hadn't entered here, I would've had to find you again. Yes. I can see with that look on your face, I did say ""Find you again"". You see, the library itself isn't what I was after all this time. No, I was after something so much more... the power of the gods themselves. The millennium items. To recover the one found here, the millennium necklace, which allows its wearer to see the future, I needed two, inhuman souls. How lucky was I to find such things already existed. You two..."

Silver was completely baffled by what this idiot was blathering about. He knew he was playing games all along. He just didn't know how. He had to admit that these "Millennium items" were not what he had expected at all. Another thing was these souls he was talking about. Inhuman. He could understand the inhuman soul inside Acacia. She had this weird fox thing going on. But himself? He was completely human. He was the same as everyone else. Silver asked him what he meant, to only get a maniacal laugh as a response. Typical.

Like all situations that seem to involve Millennium Items, a duel had to be performed as a sacrifice. It was 2v1. This "old man" didn't seem to be old at all. He used various types of monsters, absurdly powerful as well. Acacia didn't seem to be too confident in her dueling skills, so Silver took control for most of the duel. In the end, like all villains, he was bested. By Acacia, who by the end had found her dueling confidence, enough to protect herself instead of fully relying on others.

""Crescent"" it seemed, was actually HER real name. It wasn't a guy at all, although she completely looked like it. As he was fading away, being absorbed by this, necklace, he spoke his final words.

"I was after this item all my life... and look where its gotten me. You two... My knowledge about your inhuman souls comes from someone else. Another group that wishes to use these items. I'm afraid I can't explain how your souls are inhuman, for that I do not know... however, I can help you with the first step... as a last action, for good, instead of selfishness.... I'm sorry about what I attempted to do to you..."

The women slowly raised her arms into the air, painfully it seemed, and spoke a last chant. "-! Ortena oph' opneth!-".

After this chant was spoken, the table split in half, raising something beneath it. A book, so ancient that the pages themselves felt like sand paper.

"This book, is also a magical item. Not Millennial. A one time use item, for the both of you. It was ""install"" the language written on these walls into your minds. A language written by those, who lived along side the ancient Egyptians. The Garufa. The language written all over these walls, and inside that room behind us.. is all in the language of the Garufa... I'm sorry, there's nothing more I can do...."

Crescent collapsed, and for a second, it looked like her soul was dragged into the door. A second later, it started to open. Silver and Acacia walked inside, revealing two other statues. With text written below them...

For a second the text was hazy, until it became clear to them. They could read it. It looks like Crescent wasn't lying. This time. It seemed to be a prophecy. One light. One Dark. They both read each one separate.

Light - "With death there is also life. With life there is also death. On the darkest day, on the darkest night, tragedy shall befall the Earth. All those caught in the lord's shadow shall be drained and destroyed. The world can be brought to peace again with four lights not born of man. They shall preserve and save the land, and break down the establishment to single layers of sand. Light shall once again be restored to the world. Prosperity and peace shall mesh in one giant swirl, and the land shall be guided by a new light, the strongest of the four lights. To rid this world of everlasting evil and blight."

Dark - "With life there is also death. With death there is also life. On the darkest day of humanity, the world shall shake, houses will burn, people will be killed. The land shall shift, and innocent beings shall fall between the crevices. Four darkness's born from man shall reign supreme and create a world in their own likeness. The balance of life and death shall be shattered. The balance between light and dark shall tip. Snuffed out and destroyed forever. A world born out of hatred, evil, jealousy and prejudice. Disaster shall be the only known hope in creation of yet another world."

Strange... these seemed familiar. As if... they had already happened. That wasn't possible though, was it? The world seemed happy. No recollection of any of these events existed... But, it felt like he'd already lived through them...somehow... But again, that couldn't be.

He was lost in a trance for a minute, before Acacia broke him out of it. It seemed that dawn had broken through yet again on the outside. When they left the room, the necklace was gone. However Crescents body remained. Someone must've taken it. However there was no time to worry about that now, if this place was still open when everyone got up, there's no telling what could happen.

Silver and Acacia left the library, covering the door with a stone that fit perfectly in size. They couldn't have found a better stone. The path had begun to submerge into the water due to the rain. With it now hidden perfectly in sight, they made their way back to the academy. Still wondering about who it was that had stolen the Millennium Necklace.

Back at the academy, they received a cleaning punishment for breaking curfew. It didn't take long for it to finish, before Silver and Acacia were back in Silver's dorm room. The day of her test had arrived. Instead of practicing however, due to Acacia's new found confidence, they instead theorized on the two prophecies they read, and about how to stop it.

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