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Evvery thing had been blank. No colors, not a single thing around Ren. Until in a just a split second, everything came back to life. A universe, rewritten in a manner Ren no longer recognized it. It was no longer the universe he quite remembered. Looking down at his arm, the dark millenium bracelet with the infused abilities of the Millenium items had been infused with his arm. It's powers somewhat altered as well, he was not as powerful as he once was in the previous universe. What he had seen around him were planets, 4 of which who were relatively knew, but well-started out. Ren set his gaze on a smaller planet, one with a weak species on it, that had just started out. Ren had felt pity for it, remembering how he was once a weak child just as them.

Ren had quickly assumed control of the planet, and had done something no other planet had ever done in it's time, completely open up it's borders to its neighbors. Ren had done this as a show of force. He was not afraid of anyone entering his home. He would show them, it was HIS home, no one elses. Not a single person could touch him in his house. People flocked to Unity, joining his cause. Ren had taken in 6 apprentices from various planets, and trained them in the ways of a criminal. He had replicated his training to the Dark Hand on a much grader scale, creating the universe's black market, establishing it's slave trade, basically introducing the sheer though of crime to the universe. He had done something he had only dreamed of, become the very epitamy, the very symbol, for the art of crime in the Universe.

Things had gone perfectly, he had barely aged thousands of years, his criminal empire's home base, now known as Unity, had flourished the descandants of his orignal 6 apprentices. Everything had been going perfectly, up until he had heard about the Galactic Authority. The GA was a Galactic oversight group founded by 3 people no one had known anything about, only that they had planned to oversee and uphold Justice within the Universe. At first he had simply thought nothing of it. "What can they do to me? Mere men, facing against a god like myself?? They'd stand no chance!" He'd tell his men, up until he had rested one night, and his bracelet began to react, showing him a vision. In it, he had seen other survivors, He was not alone. He had seen Rose, Nick's adoptive sister, being reborn again and again, even seeing doubles. He had even seen Nick, his first son, across the Universe. There had been a handful of them, and then each of them morphed into something else, representing the other tribes to a closer degree. Though they did not look exactly like Nick, he could see traces of him in each of them, all of them bearing a the shield insignia, with a dragon army at hand. For his final vision, he had seen the council, and Hibrari the exiled councilmen. Hibrari and 2 others stood over the Universe with a vast army bearing the GA logo. After this last vision he woke up, and he knew, he was not the only survivor. He knew who the 3 mysterious men were that started the GA, the 3 no one had known anything about. And he knew, if he did not go into hiding now, he'd be their top priority.

Ren didn't know what to do, he was sure the GA would find him and wipe his empire completely, or that his disgraceful son Nick would somehow return and ruin everything he had built just as he had done so in the last universe. He went on for a private walk as he usually did when he was stressed. On his walk, he had come across a maiden women by one of Unity's smallest villages. A woman that looked almost like his beautiful wife from the previous Universe, Lana. Immediatley he introduced himself to the women, who's name was Jane. Jane had been raised on Unity, part of the Krandus family. She was simply a maiden, who didnt care for the petty crimes the Krandus Familiy had commited, infact she loathed it, she wanted nothing to do with it. It was then that Ren realized, he could leave it all, leave his empire, and start a new family. Ren had left the 6 crime families with the rest of his empire, and had went into hiding with Jane among the Krandus Crime families territories, which had been fitting as Krandus was his right-hand man.

Ren and Jane would eventually have 3 children; Quinn, Rane, and Flin. By the time they were could walk, Ren began their training. He would not let his sons become the sniveling coward his first son Nick had become, he made sure they understood the Universe was cruel, and that to do anything about it, they had to change themselves. He trained them in combat, putting them up against Duel Colesseum fighters from Unity at just a young age. He had even taken them from planet to planet, training them in their ways of fighting, and hunting. From Eliphas, they had learned expert tracking techniques. From Accellus, they had learned innovative art of engineering. From Baerone, they had learn endurance and strength-based training, and even weapons combat. From Ail Rut, they had learned skill and tactical thinking. And finally on Unity they had learned the art of stealth, cunning, socializing, and trickery.

Ren had never been an easy father to the boys, and made sure they were well prepared for any who tried to challenge them, and that they themselves would not lower themselves to a peasants standards and go looking for help. Jane had become sick overtime, and eventually died. After losing his second wife, something had cracked in Ren. He had taken Quinn, him being the most promising of the 3, and taken him off planet for more intensive training. Leaving the last 2 on their own, Rane had to take care of Flin with the skills they had picked up on each planet. The hell Ren put Quinn through everyday for years had trained Quinn to be at his peak. He put him through intense battle scenarios, put his wits against other opponents, including some of the crimelord families. And for his final test, putting him up against the dark millenium bracelet, seeing if his son could handle the power.

After finally deaming him worthy, he had infused his son with a small portion of his power, bearing the mark of the millenium, but it glowed purple, instead of the millenium gold. Leaving his son his deck, he had told him his time was done for now. He had to go, but that his son must find what he beleived were called the "Guardians", and obtain there power. With that, he would return and the two would finally repair the true damages of the Universe. Ren had then left his son, and using the Dark Millenium Bracelet, had called on Barih. Barih had soon arrived, and to his shock, found Ren, a familiar face. The two had begun arguing, both debating that their system had been better than the others. Eventually Ren had finally said, "Oh what would you know Hibrari? You were exiled from the council, they saw nothing in you! ME? THE COUNCIL FEARED ME!" Showing his millenium bracelet and saying, "THIS? THIS RIGHT HERE GIVES ME ALL THE POWER I NEED HIBRARI!!! A POWER YOU AND THE COUNCIL FEARED FOR SO LON-", interrupting Barih replied, "That power of corruption will no longer suffice in this Universe Ren. The council misjudged you, they determined you were nothing more but a simple speck, and then you came across a power you could never understand. I will not make the same mistake Ren, you will not corrupt this universe any longer with your taint! That bracelet that you cling to will be your undoing! By the power of Raza..." As Barih began chanting, Ren's bracelet began to glow, and is it did, it began to form all over his body. "What....WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?! THE MILLENIUM POWER, IT IS MINE, SEAL IT IN ME, BUT I WILL RETURN, AND WHEN I DO I SW-", was all that Ren could say before the metal had covered his mouth, and then the rest of his body. He had been incased by the same metal, and all that stood was a black, metallic statue in the form of a man, with what looked the be the millenium symbol on his rist. Sealed away, Barih hid him, watching over him to make sure he never rises and taints the pure system he had finally established.

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