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Silver's Story: Support Entrance Empty Silver's Story: Support Entrance

Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:34 pm

Silver sits at his wooden desk, checking out his real deck, which he hadn't found the chance to use yet. Thinking about this Drake - the so called champion. He knew Drake would stand no chance against him, unfortunately he wouldn't find a chance to duel him without winning that tournament. However, fortunately for him, he couldn't wait to get started.

To continue his training, he removed his school uniform and donned his "heroic" black coat, he never liked black, preferred purple for some reason. Sneaking past security due to breaking curfew, he reaches the city, challenging crime using his HERO's. While beating thieves, he came across another group. Kidnappers by the look of it. Using the powers he was told to keep concealed, he summoned his cloned "Neos", luckily for him if anyone saw it, they would most likely mistake it for the original, which would only go back to that faker at the academy.

Silver took out the kidnappers without a second though, and left him there for the police to handle, which should be their job, of course to him that was still yet to be seen. Inside the trunk of a black SUV they planned on getting into, was a women, or a girl, Silver was never good at deciding at what age a girl changes into a women. She looked around the age of everyone else he's around all day at the academy.

Scared and panicking, she mistook Silver for one of her kidnappers. Expecting her to scream and run away, he released the ropes surrounding her arms. Now at this moment, Silver witnessed something he never had before. The women burst into "flames" an orange aura around her that burned brightly, with something that looked like a fox's face above her head. She pushed her arms slightly forward, and sent Silver back into a dumpster. However she collapsed as soon as she accomplished this. In shock, Silver stared at her for a few moments, before deciding he needed to get out of here before the police arrived. After attempting to leave, he stopped, turning to look at her on the ground, before picking her up, and taking her with him.

Silver stopped to rest with this unconscious women at an abandoned apartment that looked to be in the process of being repaired. After waiting there for an hour or two, she awoke. Terrified at first, before realizing that she was still free from her bonds and no harm had come to her. Silver told her that he was a friend, that he wouldn't cause any pain, and then continued to ask why those men kidnapped her. She explained that they never "kidnapped" her, they "created" her. A comatose patient infused with the spirit of a fox, making her a "Kitsune". Silver had never heard of it. He was completely fascinated and intrigued by this girls story, as if he himself had the same. Of course that was impossible. Silver remembered growing up... in a place he couldn't remember the name of. Regardless he liked her, and felt responsible in a way for her safety. They talked for a few more hours, familiarizing themselves with each other. Silver learned her name, "Acacia Xylia", he had no idea how to say her surname. He also learned that she was also a duelist, using Fox Spirit cards she had made herself through technology that was available to her for a limited time.

After a few more hours, dawn had broken through in the sky. Silver had gotten Acacia to agree to join Duel Academy if she could. They both snuck in back to Silver's dorm room. He had requested a meeting with Julia, the head of the academy, about enrolling Acacia. After finally getting to have a chat with Julia, Silver told her about Acacia's situation, leaving out the parts about him leaving after curfew, being a vigilante, as well as her being a clone and a Kitsune. Only giving details on the kidnapping part, and him coming across her in need of help. Silver gave various choices and paths to Julia. Between giving Acacia a test to see if she could join the Academy, to Silver dueling anyone she wanted him too, to have her enroll Acacia. All he was waiting for now, was a response.

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Silver's Story: Support Entrance Empty Re: Silver's Story: Support Entrance

Post by Nick Man on Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:08 am

"I see"

Julia said, pondering over the random girl that was sitting across from her.

"Well here at Duel Academy we like to give everyone a chance, how they use that chance is their desire. You seem like a strong young lady to me Acacia, and I can tell that you've got the spirit of a strong duelist. I'd be more than happy to give you a home here at the Academy. For now you'll be staying at the Slifer dorm rooms until I can get you properly enrolled and tested. Expect to have a duel placement exam this coming Monday. I'll find an opponent for you in the mean time. Welcome to Duel Academy."

Julia told the two as she brought up the paper work. She handed her the paperwork and told her to fill out as much as she could and to turn it in when she got to her placement exam. After dismissing Acacia to her dorm she asked Silver to stay back for a bit.

"You know Silver I am quite surprised at this. I can honestly I am actually proud of you, and how you found it in yourself to help this poor girl who has gone through an excruciating experience. Thats the kind of thing I love seeing from our students here at the academy. Seeing them help eachother and change on another lives, it's honestly incredible when you think about it. I just wanted you to know that I'll remember this, it truly is very kind of you to have helped this poor girl out. Anyways I won't hold you any longer, I'm sure you've had a crazy day, you can return to your dorm and get some rest"

Julia exclaims after dismissing him back to his dorm to get some rest. She sits back in her desk, thinking on who should test this new student. "Perfect!" She says to herself, after finally deciding who will test this girl on her placement exam this Monday.

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