The TomeKeeper of Time Part 1.

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The TomeKeeper of Time Part 1. Empty The TomeKeeper of Time Part 1.

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Tribe Synopsis
In the Domain of Space was a tribe of warriors. This tribe was one of the very core tribes of the Domain of Space, famous for the warriors prowess in combat and leadership of the chieftains, this was one of the centers of power in the Domain of Space, despite being a small size. This tribe kept to itself most of the time, and only engaged when the strategic value exceeded the danger. The chiefs all changed once every generation, each one more brilliant than the other. Before the One world was discovered, this tribe was one of the most influential.

The War of Transgression and The TomeKeeper
When the war had begun, the tribe was not really participating in the front line action due to their prestige, at this time there was a crowning ceremony for the next clan chief, a son of the current Chief, by the name of Raza. This heir was an excellent tactician of the clan, despite his entirely weak body, he had a special affinity that the tribe called "The Sign" Which allowed the user to communicate with the animals around them, building bonds with them, having them do their bidding.

Raza was crowned the chief as the war had exploded, his tribe had been expected to participate in the coming invasions, as Chief of the tribe, Raza was expected to accept the deal with the other tribes and participate in the war. Raza denied this, and retracted all of the relations with the others. Everyone wondered why Raza would do this, disgrace his tribe like this. Only he knew.

Raza had a gift. He saw what would happen to the warriors of his tribe, he saw what would happen if he participated; in face he saw the war before it even happened, years ago.

Years later, when the world was breaking apart, Raza had another vision, of A Goddess, holding a tome, and pointing towards Raza. Waking up in a sweat, Raza ran towards the forest next to his tribe, calling all of the animals to him. They all surrounded him and comforted him, before he felt a giant disturbance within him, Like something was tearing out from his body, His eyes burned, his Body was on the verge of falling apart.

As he opened his eyes, a bright green glow began to emanate from them. As the time gate was crumbling, the lives dying from the ripples sent from the massive power of the crashing gate. There was no one left alive in the One world, and everyone on the frontline was dead, The Space Domain was cracking apart, Raza's tribe would not survive for much longer.

Raza's screams echoes out as his skin cracked more and more, his body melting, and his eyes bulging out with a sickly green glow. As Raza screamed, A giant power came to him from seemingly nowhere, relieving him from his pain, slowly killing him; closing his eyes, Raza's life force was extinguished. The only thing that remained was his memory of the happy times before the war began.

The Rewrite, Time set in stone

As the memory floated, so did the space, and time around it. When suddenly, a Giant power came from the depths of the One world, from the untouched corners. It infused into the memory, slowly pulling the time around it into it. As the time all converged, so did the space. The scene around the memory began to change. Everything seemed to be rewinding, the explosions all ceased to be and and all imploded back into what they were beforehand, rebuilding matter; the people lost and in a gory bunch all began to reform into their old forms. With every slice of a sword, a head was attached, with every stab of a spear, a hole was refilled, With every groan of agony a calm took its place. And for the silence, a strong heartbeat was heard, reverberating throughout both worlds, shocking the denizens into a state of wonderment.

The heart beat strong, no one could determine its location, except for one tribe in the middle of the domain of Space. The clan chief's son, Raza, had suffered an illness and fell into a coma, like many times before this, and many times before this there was a loud heartbeat, but nothing this loud. As the beat subsided, Raza awoke, though this time he was in a state of fear, unlike the other times when he was blank faced. As Raza ran away in fear into the forest, he heard a voice calling him, beckoning to him. Raza unknowingly went towards it. This was the goddess of time calling unto him, she had discovered his gift of time only recently, and decided to take him on as her "Disciple", Nodding his head, The goddess of time bestowed unto Raza The Eyes of Eternity, and The Body of Eternity; as Raza's body cracked and reformed time and time again, he was perpetually stuck in time, and carried away by his master.


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