The TomeKeeper of Time Part 2.

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The TomeKeeper of Time Part 2. Empty The TomeKeeper of Time Part 2.

Post by Shade_killer on Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:09 am

The Master, The Library, The Training

Raza Screamed perpetually as his body was disintegrating and reforming to its old form, now stuck in time, he had no way to move around freely, and thus his master had to carry him to her domain. She took him and another mortal, who he had no time nor mental capacity to examine, and put them into two different areas. Eventually Raza stopped screaming as his mind began to adjust to his state of perpetual destruction and restoration, looking around, Raza found himself in an ancient library, with giant statues of great creatures, the library was gigantic, like a maze, many books in the walls, ancient writing on the walls and roof, Grand steps leading to the second floor of the library, many bookshelves lining the walls, and a giant hallway leading down to a regal room, inside of that room was a room lit with torches, two timeless statues, in the middle was an altar with a Tome. Raza did not know how he could see the other rooms without being in them, but he committed it all into memory.

Raza had no need to move, he could just think about a certain place in the library and he would instantly transpose there, instantly flowing through time in this free place; the only room he could not enter was the room with the tome. Raza spent what seemed like eternity in the library, reading, studying, passing time. Eventually, after reading the entire library clean, he began to thirst for more knowledge. As Raza looked around once more, he spotted a giant statue in the middle of the library that was never there before, a giant of a man with a frail body, blindfolded and holding in one hand scales, and in the other a tome; rubbing his eyes in disbelief, he closely studied the statue and discovered that he didn't recognize it, suddenly a voice rang out in his head.

"..ou hear me Child? I am..keeper may call me...TomeKeeper..this new successor?"

The voice seemed like static to Raza, as he shook his head his entire being shook. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and a green glow emanated from them, Raza Saw...No...The TomeKeeper saw himself walking into the sealed chamber and picking up the book, enduring stabbing pain in his head and terrible screaming. As Raza snapped out of his reverie, he shook in fear at the statue and stared with wide eyes.

As Raza was shaking in fear, he felt a presence behind him, as he turned around he was greeted with the statue, but the statue seemed to be more...human. "So you have finally seen me, Are you my successor? Odd, it seems you have both the sight and the body, but not the heart...You are not complete, but you will do, I am not complete either; master had told me I would serve until the blue star falls and the green door crashes...has it been that long? Come child, I shall teach you how to use your powers, and you shall succeed my position as disciple." The being waved Raza over, and Raza transposed without his willing it, in front of the Being. Strangely Raza felt no fear, instead he felt like him and the being were long lost brothers, finally reunited, who knows how long this being had been with Raza here, keeping him company without his knowledge, suggesting books that had been missed, it felt to Raza like he had spent his whole life with this Being.

The being nodded approvingly and motioned to the library, explaining its purpose to Raza "This Library is Master's personal collection, it serves to both house and protect the edicts of time and the time recorded. I am the guardian of the time recorded, and the time to come. I am, the TomeKeeper, I keep the lore of all of the dimensions and universes Master visits and puts her presence in, I can will myself into existence at will, no one can see me unless they possess the sight, or you will them to see you. Now come child I will give you the methods to use your abilities, it is up to you to perfect them."

Again the being waved Raza over, this time placing a hand on his head, suddenly much more information than Raza had ever felt flowed into his head, he saw universes born, universes die; galaxies born, galaxies die, mortals born, mortals die; all of these images had one thing in common, they all contained visions of the Being's master. More information than Raza felt he could handle flowed into his mind, transforming it, changing it with the flow of time. Now he had inherited the final part of his own legacy given by the master, the Eternal Mind. Raza felt like he was complete, he looked up and his eyes widened, but then a calm look crossed his face; the being in front of him now was nothing more than a bag of bones. As the blindfold fell, Raza discovered that the being never had the Eternal Eyes, and as the body began to disintegrate to ashes, that ruled out the possibility of having the Eternal body. Raza hosted a final bow to the Being and thanked him for this generosity. Turning, he turned his sights on the final room, which would complete his entire existence, feeling a pull from it, he walked slowly towards the room.


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