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Post by Shade_killer on Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:36 am

On the way to the Ra dorm, Zeraphadim was currently pondering on how to achieve success on his mission. Stuck deep in thought, he was wandering aimlessly around the campus, seemingly not paying attention; in actuality, he was gauging the academy and getting a feel for the land. From the slifer dorms, to the obelisk dorms, and everything in between; he finally arrived at the Ra dorms, nodding satisfied, he turned around and immediately left the academy.

Moving on, the Ra robes on him suddenly changed to flowing robes with an insignia on the back of it, a bright sun with wings in a hexagonal pallet; obviously these robes were reserved for the higher class. Nodding his head, Zeraphadim walked silently to the rich part of town where his target laid, when suddenly a bright glow could be seen from under his robes. Startled, Zeraphadim walked into an alley with a couple of people in it, sending them to sleep with his aura alone, he took out an object from his robes; a mirror, embedded in it was a gemstone of yellow color that was emanating a golden glow. Tapping the gem, the mirror sprung to life to reveal an elderly figure in gray robes.

"Status report, better be good" said the old man in a gruff voice with a look of disdain landing on Zeraphadim's face. Forcing a smile, Zeraphadim answered with "Nothing new, I am just getting to the target, he apparently does not reside at the duel academy dorms as some believe, so I-" He was interrupted as the old man snapped at him "Doesn't matter, this is a priority one! Do not screw this up, or ten thousand years will be the least punishment you will receive!" With that, the old man's visage disappeared from the mirror; as Zeraphadim breathed a sigh of relief, a smile and look of disdain appeared on his face as he sneered. 'Damn bastard, just because Romin is gone, he is flaunting his power...ten thousand years of boredom, not fun at all." Somewhere in that monologue, he had unknowingly begun to speak out loud, before noticing and moving forward to the rich part of town.

Upon arriving, he moved straight to the clan that had the sigil on the back of his robes; the burning sun clan. Welcomed with open arms, Zeraphadim naturally knew they were acting under orders of the council, otherwise they would not have welcomed a stranger into their midst so easily. The burning sun clan was the Lan clan's partner in business, one of the leading forces in this clan was brought to power thanks to Zeraphadim, so the patriarch was naturally grateful and gave him a position of power close to the Lan clan. Moving on, after the ceremony, he was sent to go to the Lan clan's annual business meeting, the father and son duo would be there, as well as the lesser successors that were the son's siblings.

Changing his demeanor, Zeraphadim became sociable and likeable, moving on to the meeting, it was a miscellaneous meeting about various business ideas and card creating technology; one particular item that popped up was the misuse and vandalism of a prototype card creator, in the end it seemed to have burned down due to some mystical flames; nodding his head, Zeraphadim took note of a vandal on the loose in the dawn dimension. The meeting went on fruitlessly for three hours, until suddenly a faint glow emerged from under Zeraphadim's robes, standing up, he was about to leave the room, when suddenly a voice rang out. "Dear delegate, where would you be leaving off to? Has my business meeting been too boring for you?" asked a nasal voice as a pudgy man turned his attention to Zeraphadim, this fat man was naturally Chase Lan's father, William Lan. Shaking his head, Zeraphadim murmured some bullshit reason about his stomach hurting and hurriedly left the room.

After arriving in an empty room, he pulled out his mirror, on the glass were the words "DESTINY CHAPTERS, GOD'S RESIDENCE: DISTURBED" Upon reading those words, Zeraphadim's eyes widened as his breathing became erratic. 'Who could know the location..? No...more like who could have known about the destiny chapters embedded in the residence...I shall have to look into this, the alarm was tripped recently, but this alarm was clearly on a delay, whoever got in knew what they were doing...' Deep in thought, he moved from the empty room to the other room and patiently sat through the meeting.

Three hours later, Zeraphadim left the meeting and returned to the clan where he was stationed at; in a private room, he sat and pondered on what could have occurred. As he pondered he took out a small but archaic looking book, upon opening it, an ancient voice resounded in his mind. Life is life, and death is death. Dark is dark, and light is light. One is many, and many is one. On the brightest day this dimension was created, and on the darkest night, this dimension perished; simultaneously, on the darkest night, this dimension was created, and on the brightest day this dimension perished. Four dimensions, and four from those dimensions. Destiny chapters book 4, end. Nodding his head slightly, Zeraphadim was deep in thought. 'The other three books have been lost in least that's what the council believes, I am privy to know they are hidden in this dimension, at least the third and fourth books are...I have a copy of the fourth book...the third one is hidden two perished a long time ago...and book one is in the main dimension...' Shaking his head, Zeraphadim laid on his bed and fell asleep.

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