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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:28 am

Name: Saab

Age: Undetermined

Deck: Cyber Virus

Summoning Method: Synchro

Race: Amphibious

Appearance: Saab has an undetermined height, due to being disabled from the waist down and has no desire to know his height. He is usually seen sporting an all black armored suit, with a "fishbowl" helmet to frighten most people that see him.

Personality: Saab is mature and always focuses on the task at hand, only ever breaking his focus when it comes to first look at a new machine. Due to Saab's disability, he rarely duels even though he has the skills for it. He is the "Pilot" of his crew, usually adapting to flying or driving whatever is needed. He has an amazing understanding on Vehicles from old motor models, to fusion core powered spacecrafts.

Home: Accellus

Crew: The Raza

Backstory: (See Lore Topic)

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