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Post by yellowguy111 on Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:50 pm

Name: Xavier Wulf

Age: 19


Backstory: The last Survivor in a group that were surviving in the dusk dimension Xavier Spent his time roaming the ruins in an attempt to find some way to escape from the horrors but having seen so many of his friends taken by the duel ghouls he is very slow to trust and will often avoid people at all costs often having little to no interactions with people whatsoever. After losing his friends he hunted down the duel ghouls who had stolen there cards to get his friends back and eventually recovered most of them. After savaging around a old lab he found a portal which transported him to the dawn dimension it is here he will search a way to restore his friends back to normal.

Other notes: the cards in his deck are actually the cards that his friends turned into.


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