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Post by yellowguy111 on Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:52 pm

Name: Soma

Age: 18

Deck: Fate

Summoning method: none

Race: Human

Appearance: 5'10 65kg

Personality: Soma normally possesses a calm demeanour while he goes about doing whatever jobs are asked of him, however, should he be pressed too hard on his personal life and issues he can very easily become aggressive. Outside of this Soma is very anti-social and is almost impossible to start up a conversation with.

Home: Ali Rut

Backstory: Soma was born to a tribal mother and a big city father causing him to be shunned by everyone else from birth in an attempt to escape from his past he took on the name Soma with no last name as an attempt to change his identity at this time he also joined up as a recruit for the army. Soma's time in the army began a downward spiral of events that would happen to him. After punching his superior officer in the face following derogatory remarks he had said about the tribe's Soma was put trial where he was charged with the assault and a few other trumped up charges. However, during his sentencing, his past was called into question and the true nature of his birth was brought to light and he was sentenced to death, however, a chief scientist offered Soma an ultimatum, if he agreed to work as a test subject for military experiments the charges would be dropped and all evidence of his past would be destroyed. Soma begrudgingly agreed however as a result of this Soma closed himself off to the outside world only making conversation when he has to be it for personal or military reasons.

Other notes: If his nature gets too aggressive or Soma where to act in a way that conflicts with the desires of the higher ups of the military he can be remotely punished by the gauntlet around his arm which can't be removed and responds with any attempt at forced removal with a light shock to the nerves in his arm.


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