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Post by Nick Man on Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:25 pm

To start this story we begin in the Canon dimension. Romin was born an Astral, and was practically obsessed with the concept of heroism growing up. The Council of Guardians who oversee dimensional activity saw the potential he had to be a great guardian. They plucked him out of his dimension and raised him to be a guardian of two dimensions, Dawn and Dusk. As Romin traversed between the universe he created the HERO decks. This was so he could entrust them to humans he believed could one day protect the world and helps others with these cards. One day while in the Dawn universe he felt a spike of great power, and found Nasch, the reincarnated Barian Emperor as a child nearly unlocking his powers. He took in Nasch to hopefully prevent him from becoming the evil Barian Emperor, and named him Nick. He bestowed to him the Masked Heroes, fitting for Nick's personality. Romin then soon realized that Dawn and Dusk were nearly one in the same. The only differences were their place in time, and that Dawn had no Barians or Astrals within their dimension. Romin then went out on a journey to find Dawn Nick. After a lot of searching he was able to find Nick, who was simply a baby at the time completely abandoned by his parents who were criminals themselves. Romin could sense great power within him, but did not know where this power came from, since Nick was not a barian in this dimension. He decided to take him in as well. Traveling between the dimensions he raised both Nicks. Eventually Dusk was overtaken by the evil Barian lord Vector. Romin had also taken an a child named Rose, for a very similar reason as to why she took in Dawn Nick. One day while away at the Dusk universe, he was killed by the dark Barian lord Vector. He trusted everything he had to Dawn Nick, and told Dusk Nick that if anything were to happen to him, he should warn his counterpart Dawn Nick of what's to come. Dusk Nick made one final attempt to stop Vector, which led him to split his DNA, and place it into what was left of Romin's DNA in the hope to create a being who wasn't so hellbent on conquering the universe. This drained him of his power though, and he was left battered and weak. So he transported the two clones to Dawn world, and transferred whatever information he could to Nick and his friends before he gave out, and supposedly died, honoring the wish of his good friend/mentor Romin. This was the end of Romin's story.......or is it?

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