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Post by Nick Man on Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:09 pm

Eilene was from the overprotective planet of Baerone. She was an only child, with rather unloving parents. Her parents were rather dissapointed in her. Growing up she wanted to leave, and become an explorer, something her parents had despised of. After some time though, she was recruited by the GA. Her parents told her that if she left, they would never let her return home. Eilene left, leaving her so-called "family" behind.

Eilene was ecstatic to become a part of the GA at first, wanting to go and adventure across all of space, but she earened rather quickly that this was not going to be the case. The GA had an intense trial process to go through before being accepted into the GA. There was 12 trials, and before she could attempt a trial she had to undergo training courses. As she started her trials, she met a boy by the name of Blake, who was already going through his final trial, even though they were practically the same age. She was extremely impressed by Blake, and was determined that before he graduated, she would meet him. The night before his graduation ceremony, Eilene snuck out of her quarters, and managed to make her way into the graduate chambers. After finding Blake's room and introducing herself, she challenged him to a duel. Blake, confused, yet interested in her determination accepted the duel.

The two had gone at it for quite some time, but after a relentless duel and only a 2000 lifepoint difference, Blake had won. Impressed, he promised to keep in touch. Even after he graduated he'd stop by the Trial/Recruitment Sector and visit Eilene, assisting her with her coursework and her trial prep. Eilene had learned that Blake passed nearly all of them with flying colors, besides the 11th one. That was one Blake had barely passed. It was finally time for her to perform her first trial, the strategy portion. In this trial she was pitted against 5 differnt foes with different characterstics, she could not use her deck, but isntead was given a trainee deck for this specific trial. She had to defeat the 5 duelists, who had 2500 LP each, within 3 turns. It had only taken Eilene a total of 2 to defeat the 5 duelists before here, one who had been arrogant, another clumsy, one almost completely silent (the hardest for her to get around), on who was all brains but no brawns, and another who was all brawns but no brain.

After completing her first trial, she was confident it wouldn't be long till she became an official GA officer! While she was undergoing trials Blake had been going through missions rather quickly. He also had classwork and training in other methods of summoning as well. Eventually Eilene made it to the 11th trial, the one she was most nervous about. Each trial had a specific lesson or meaning to it, the final one being a duel against a fully trained GA officer, in which you had to atleast bring him down to 4000 LP to complete, but th 11th one no one talked about for whatever reason. When she entered the trial room she sat in chair, and a projector turned on. Infront of her was propaganda, and speakers surrounding the room whispering for her to conform to the GA's every need. To Trust the GA, and to never doubt it's masters. Propaganda of the GA's great work was shown on the projector, talking about how many lives they've saved and the governments theyve kept in tact. She was completely disgusted, she was never the obedient type. After the presentation she was asked one question, "Do you serve the GA?", though she struggled, she eventually answered "......I dont know". The screen had said the word "FAIL" in all cap, red letters. She was then sent to her quarters and visited by a Trial Overseer. He had told her that if she wanted to she could have 1 last try at it, or could simply return home next week and abandon the process altogether, she chose the later. She had told Blake about it, but he had no clue what she was talking about. He simply shrugged it off, telling her maybe it was just some bad dream.

Eilene was furious that he wouldn't listen. She had gone to the trial overseer to ask him about her returning home, since her parents did not want her to return, what would happen to her? The overseer said "Nonsense, ofcourse your parents will accept you home. We have a personal ship that will take you home next week. Heck they've even sent you letters, we can have them sent to your room if you'd like?" intrigued she agreed to have them sent to her room. When she returned to her quarters, the letters had been on her bed. Reading through them, she noticed the letters were practically freshly written, and that it had to have taken a few days for the letters to make it to the base alone, and that at least some of these were dated weeks ago. She immediately knew these were not from her parents. Her parents would not write in the manner that the letters were written in, and that they would never want her back after she left the planet.

She had warned Blake about something suspicious going on. She was extremely worried, and though Blake was skeptical at first, he admitted even his mentor was suspicios as well. He promised to look into it and get word to her by tomorrow about what was going on. That same night Blake returned, sneaking into her quarters and waking her up in a rush. "We have to go, I don't have time to explain Eilene, but the GA isnt what we thought it was, you were right. Now pack you stuff quickly and lets get out of here!". After packing and rushing out, they met with Harn who already had a ship ready. Flying out of orbit under the radar, Blake explained what he had found, everythin from the brainwashing to them manipulating Harn to them killing off the recruits that didn't make it as a safety precaution.

It was after all this that they decided something should be done. They founded the Resistance, and going planet to planet had built up a decent sized army. They had established connections to people in both high and low places on practically all the planets, even Baerone. Eilene never wanted to return, but only her the Baerone recruits could only go in and out of the planet without being suspected, since they were the only ones who looked like natural citizens. Eilene's friend who is currently a higher up within the Baerone government has assured her that she would most likely never see her parents, as they were common workers among the planet. Currently she acts as the Co-Leader of the resistance, under Blake. The two are set to be married soon

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