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Post by Nick Man on Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:22 pm

Flin had two older brothers growing up on Unity. The eldest, had become a bounty hunter, and taught the other two the basics of bounty hunting. It was during this time that Flin had learned how to steal, do expert recon work, track, and stalk prey. In the world of Unity, the boys really had no place, nor a specific family they could side with on the planet. It was because of this, that the brothers made a pact to always be there for eachother. Flin's oldest brother had landed a position on one of the top bounty hunting squads no Unity, but this meant he'd be traveling more. The brothers saw him less and less, and after some time, he had completely disappeared.

After this incident Flin was left with one brother, who had become a prominent merchant. Flin's brother worked under Lyell's foster father Gren. It was through Gren that Flin met Lyell, an expert thief himself, but much younger then Flin. The two grew up together though, teaching eachother skills the other had no clue about. Eventually Flin's older brother, Rane, was offered a solid bartering deal on Ail Rut. Rane got his crew together and set for Ail, telling Flin he shouldnt be gone for any longer than a week. But Rane had been gone for a month. Flin had gotten worried and stolen one of Gren's cargo ships, determined to go to Ail Rut and find his brother.

He used every tracking skill taught to him by his eldest brother to find Rane. He had seen a large fleet head for Ail Rut airspace, and had piggy backed off of them, sneaking onto the planet. The fleet caught his attention, as they landed within close distance to the same Tribe his brother's trade deal was suppose to take place. Following them, he saw the slaughter that commensed. Before he knew it, it was too late, the Unity merchants had been slaughtered. Flin hid, so as not to be seen as the soldiers, who he had found out were GA, had left the scene. It was there he found his brothers dead corpse. Sobbing and carrying it on the plane, he was met by an Ail Rut tribesman waiting at the plane. The Ail Rut tribesman had been screaming barbariclly, yelling racial slurs at him for being "Unity Scum". It took Flin less than a second to pull out his pistol and shoot the man square in the head. Feeling no remorse he stepped onto the ship, and placed his brothers corpse onto a bed.

Behind him he heard, "I'm sorry....I came as soon as I heard. After I saw you sneak off Unity I decided to track you....I had no idea what happene to Rane until now....", it was his eldest brother, clad in all black standing in the shadow. Flin yelled at him, screaming at his brother, "YOU COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING, BUT NO. YOU'RE BOUNTIES AND YOUR MONEY WAS ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT!". Enraged he drew his pistol at his brother, wanting to pull the trigger so bad. His brother then pulled out a deck, "It was Ranes.....I gave it to him just before I left, to protect you if need be. He was never much of a dueler, but I think he'd want you to have it....he's built it up quite a bit since I gave it to him, I think he wanted to make it extra special before he gave it to you.....I'm sorry Flin, I promise, I'm going to get them for this...." His brother then walked off the ship, dissappearing into the night. Flin lowered his gun, started the ship and returned home.

When he arrived, he was met by an angry Gren and a worried Lyell. As he walked out though with his brother's limp body, Gren's expression changed from anger to sorrow and sympathy. After a few days, Gren took in Flin as well, giving him a home to stay at. After some time Lyell and Flin would start the Rogue Bandit group. This group's purpose was to not only steal from the corrupt, but to also protect merchants during their trade deals as well, with Flin promising he wasn't going to let what happened to his brother happen to anyone else who didn't deserve it.

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