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Post by Nick Man on Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:14 pm

Harn had grown up poor with his younger brother on the planet Accellus. He picked up dueling professionally to raise money, and would eventually be picked up by the GA. He rose up the ranks quite quickly, and even after learning the other summoning methods, he had become known as the greatest synchro duelist the GA had ever seen.

After already being on the force for a couple of years, he had performed many of tasks for the GA. He was on his way to salvage some Linkium from a drifting asteroid he had discovered. This had been a simple procedure, so he had gone in alone without this team, telling them he should be back within the hour. After salvaging the Linkium, he was intercept by a group of Bounty Hunters, with the leader stepping forward, clad in black. The leader spoke, "You. I've been searching for you for quite some time. You have a price on your head". Confused, Harn asked him what this was about. The man responded, "You've messed with a great deal of people Harn....including myself. And I cannot let you get away with that unscathed" afterwards Harn's duel disk activated, and forcefully put him into a duel against the mysterious man. The man utterly demolished him, but that wasnt all. After the battle, he explained his issue with Harn, "You're raid, 3 years ago on Ail Rut, it got my brother killed. If it weren't for you and your team, my innocent brother wouldn't have died by your wretched hands". The man proceeded to beat Harn to a bloody pulp, and before leaving, taking one of Harn's legs with him, he left the statement, "Dont come back to the field. Cause if you do, I promise I'll take more than just a leg."

His crew found him after he had been missing the entire day. After seeing the condition he was in the returned him to a GA sanctioned hospital. Harn eventually woke up, and fell into a depression, having lost a limb and been compltely humilated by this bounty hunter. After years had passed a higher GA officer had arrived to Harn, offering him a position at GA, and stating that if he joined they would help him in his case against the Bounty Hunter. Harn reluctantly joined, and was assigned to train twins, who were rumoured to be the GA Leader's daughters, about the method of synchro summoning. Harn saw something in them, a spirit made for dueling that he had never seen in anyone else. Something about them had been both cunning and ruthless, almost completely unnatural. After finishing their teaching, he was offered a mentor program for the GA.

After beocming a synchro mentor for a few years, Harn grew impatient. Though his impatience had been forgotten when he came across his ace student Blake Mathus. Blake was the first student he had come across in years that also had the same type of dueling spirit he had seen in the twins, only that he felt his was heartfelt. He had trained Blake in his extra hours in the use of Synchros. His influenced had shown when Blake began to develop his Knight deck, to counteract with Harn's dragon-based deck. Over the years he watched Blake grow from just the young student he had taught to a courageous man on the field.

After Blake had graduated and started his job as a proper GA officer, Harn's impatience had returned. He realized not a single word was given to him about the Bounty Hunter, and so he asked Blake to look into, giving him private access codes to the GA data facilities. When Blake had returned he had a look of disgust on his face. He had explained the Harn the corrupt thigns he had found in the files, how they dealt with the trainees that "didnt make it", and about what they did to Harn. Harn's team had been sent to Ail Rut (with Ail Rut's permission that is) to stop a hostage situation from a Unity crime member. During the raid they had taken down the Unity citizen and his team, and rescued the Ail Rut tribe taken hostage. What he did not know was that Ail Rut had not been taken hostage by Unity criminals, it had been the other way around. When on a bartering trade deal, Ail Rut had kidnapped the unity merchants, torturing them for days and stealing their cargo. When the Unity merchants managed to escape their claws, they retaliated, defeating the tribe, rescuing themselves, and had held them hostage, asking for transportation back to their home or else theyd take out the tribe. The GA had told Harn they were criminals using that as a means to escape and return home to avoid any punishment, not that they were victims taken against their will, simply looking for a way back home. That was when he realized, one of the Unity members had been the brother of the Bounty Hunter.

Disgusted with this information, Harn and Blake had planned to leave the GA. Blake had saved Tracey, at the time his girlfriend, who was going to be "returned home" for not passing her compliance evaluation test. Them, and a very small handful of others that had figured out about the GA's corrupt ways, had fled the GA, establishing the Resistance. Over the years their forces have grown quite large, and their message far. Harn has trained the recruits in different methods of summoning, mainly focusing on synchro, while also calling in some old friends to help train other recruits in methods such as XYZ, Fusion, and Ritual. He works with Blake as a tactical advisor for the Resistance, hoping to right his wrongs.

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