GA Grandmaster: Barih the Wise

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GA Grandmaster: Barih the Wise Empty GA Grandmaster: Barih the Wise

Post by Shade_killer on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:59 pm

Name: unknown, only known to the top brass of the GA as Barih

Age: undetermined

Deck: Unknown

Summoning method: Synchro

Race: Unknown

Appearance: Now an old man who still stands tall at 6'2", creases mark his forehead, and a great beard of white reaches down to his chest, Azure eyes and black hair with gray streaks in it. Seemingly old and senile, he rules the GA with an iron fist and a thirst for justice. His physical capabilities are unknown, though it has been said that he trained the two rising stars of the GA himself, with combat and other training. He wears black robes, with a red sigil on his left shoulder, and a blue one on his right shoulder, signifying his unique position to anyone informed. His beard covers the GA main symbol on his chest, and only upon closer examination, can it be seen.

Personality: strict, iron willed, thirsty for justice. Criminals run from him, the average citizen flocks to him. He has a natural charisma that many do not, despite being ancient.

Home: The Jackdaw

Crew: The Elite Raza Task Force (The Raza) and The Galactic Authority (The GA)

Backstory: Unknown, he was just there from the beginning, and no one questions it.


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