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Post by Nick Man on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:42 pm

Name: The Resistance

Base Home: Drifting Asteroids

Leader: Blake Mathus

Members: Too many to list, main ones though are Eilene, Francis, Harn, and Glade.

Backstory: After leaving the GA, Blake had gone to recruit anyone he could for the Resistance. Eventually building up a small army, they've kept well hidden for the years, and only recruit those he knows he can trust. Overseeing the course of the Resistance are Eilene, his fiance, and ex-GA member as well. Francis, his long-time best friend who's also  an amazing merchant. Harn, his synchro teacher, also a retired GA mentor, and Glade, an one of the best engineers, she's the only one who stays public, and has no suspicions about her, being one of Ail Rut cities top engineers.

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