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Rogue Bandits Empty Rogue Bandits

Post by Nick Man on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:10 pm

Name: Rogue Bandits

Base Home: Unity

Leader: Lyell Rogue

Members: Tracey, Flin, Sarco, Chloe

Backstory: Founded by Lyell Rogue, him and his friends have come together, theives in arms. They perform tasks such as protecting merchants with barter deals on other planets, to performing a well-planned heist on planetary reserves. They are very under the radar, with Chloe's tech help keeping them covered on most occasions. Tracey and Lyell act as the persuasive personalities to sell the deal, or distract the target. Sarco handles the muscle side of things, and finalliy Flin, who's possibly one of the stealthiest, and most mysterious of the bunch. Though they arent known across the system, which I guess is a good thing since they do need to keep a low profile, they are local heroes on their planet. Especially when it comes to offering merchant protection, and getting back on anyone who's crossed a deal with a fellow Unity citizen.

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