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Post by Nick Man on Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:41 pm

Name: Blake Mathus

Age: 25

Deck: Knights + Comet Flare Dragon & his evolutions

Summoning Method: Synchro & Links

Race: Human

Home: None

Crew: The Resistance

Backstory: Blake was a child on Ail Rut, and was picked up by the Galactic Autority due to his Dueling Potential. He had been taught the other forms, and had done well, but he leaned more towards the art of Synchro Summoning over his home planet's method of Ritual Summoning. He had obtained enough Linkium to support his deck at the moment, but not as much as higher ranking officers. Overtime he learned of the GA's abusive ways, and how they "disposed" of those that did not pass the GA's trials. He grew to despise the GA, and hated how they abused their power. Blake went renegade, taking as much information as he could, and goes recruiting from planet to planet. Using the information he was given, he peered into the historical documents, and found what looked to be an abandoned altar on a stray asteroid. As he stepped he was engraved with a "Sheild" Symbol on his right shoulder, the asteroid began to glow, turning into a comet, and then dispersing. Inside the comet was a card "Comet Flare Dragon". He took this card as his ace, and used the Shield symbol as his insignia for the resistance. Utilizing what intel he obtained from GA, he does what he can to build a resistance army and hinder the GA, to finally bring down their corrupt government ways. He's also in search for anyone else who has the Sheild insignia. Researching into he's found that a warrior from a long time ago wore it as his symbol, and that he split his Shield into pieces, sending them all across space before a great disaster, each peice destined for a Guardian of this universe, holding within it a card to further them along their journey. Blake had never heard about any story such as this before, and vows to find the other "Guardians", seeing that they may be the key to this resistance.

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