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Post by Nick Man on Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:30 pm

Name: Lyell Rogue

Age: 18

Deck: Sliver

Summoning Method: Links

Race: Human/Alien

Home: Unity

Crew: Rogue Bandits

Backstory: Lyell was a baby when his parents dropped him off in Unity. Lyell's parents were from two seperate planets, the Ritual based planet Ail Rut and the Fusion based planet Baerone. His father dropped him off with an old contact of his, who at the time was already a higher-up in the Unity criminal-run government. The baby was safe, having been adopted by the contact named Gren. His parents however died, killed by both their races, attempting to cover up such a disgrace. Gren raised the child, and also grew to power, becoming one of the most well known merchants across the system. As Lyell grew older, he learned more from the citizens of Unity. Eventually him and his friends formed a group called the "Rogue Bandits", and had begun taking deals for people across the system. Now, a young adult, Lyell is known as one of the best cons, being an amazing thief, but also having great barter skills from his foster father. His father also sends him on missions to protect specific clients as well. Through all his hardwork (and some help from his father) he's obtained enough linkium to create 4 Links for his Sliver deck. He found the deck on a barren moon, which had earlier sprung life on it, but was exterminated by the other planets quickly. Sliver's had been one of the first races on that Moon before they were exterminated, and so before they died off, they had sealed their souls away in cards. Lyell now uses them to explore further into the solar system, hunt treasures, and defend the people he cares about when needed.

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