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Research tree

Research tree:

Military tree:
Tier 1: Basic dueling and space warfare training: with this researched, you may begin to improve upon the decks of your citizens and soldiers, and unlock a new ship type <Hunter: Costs: 3 posts> The basic military ship. COST: 5 Posts
Tier 2: Advanced dueling and space warfare:
Offense: Allows you to increase the firepower of the decks by investing linkium into the basic citizens decks, allowing them access to links and stronger effects.<New Ship type> <Hunter Upgraded: Costs: 5 posts> Better ship durability and better firepower, at the cost of linkium.
Defense: Allows you to increase the defensive power of the decks by investing linkium into the basic citizens decks, allowing them access to links and stronger effects. <New Ship type> <Defender: Costs: 3 posts> A ship exclusively for the defense of the homeworld and outposts, boasts strong defense and durability.
Tier 3: Locked for now

Dev&Dip tree:

Tier 1: Basic infrastructure development:
With this researched, your citizens life expectancy may explode and the resources produced on your planet increase. <New building unlocked>
<Construction company: Cost: 3 posts> On the planet that this is built on, decrease the post count needed to build buildings by one. Cost 5 posts
Tier 1: Basic diplomatic envoys:
With this researched, this allows your planet's leader access to the others who have this researched, and allows for negotiations. <Unlocks new building> <Diplomatic station: Cost: 5 posts> On the planet that this is built on, allows access to intergalactic marketplace.
Tier 2: Superhighways:
With this researched, your citizens move around faster and therefore produce resources faster, also allows for <Homeworld Police force> <New type of class for citizens> Cost: 10 posts
Tier 2: Advanced diplomatic training:
When researched allows for trading directly with other envoys, allows bribery of mercenary fleets. Cost: 10 posts

Colonization tree:
Tier 1: Colony ships:
When this is researched a new type of ship is unlocked <Colony Ship:
Cost: 7 posts> and enables colonization of your species type planet. Costs: 5 posts
Tier 2: Colony outposts:
When this is researched the amount of time needed to colonize and exploit asteroids and planets, reduces by 4 posts (originally 9 and 7) Cost: 10 posts
Science tree:
Tier 1: Linkium exploitation:
If not the GA this research allows you to exploit linkium apart from trading it. Cost: 5 Posts
Tier 2: Science exploitation upgrade:
When researched, allows the upgrading of the science facility, reducing the amount of posts needed to research <New building upgrade,
Research facility t2: Cost: 5 posts> Cost: 10 posts


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