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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Sat Jul 01, 2017 1:36 pm

Spacecraft Description: The Jackdaw is the currently most technologically advanced and largest spacecraft in the universe. It is 5,694.2 metres (18,682 ft) in Length, 833.3 metres (2,734 ft) in Width, 1,041.2 metres (3,416 ft) in Height and has a Hull 490 centimetres (190 in) thick with Titanium-A3 armor plating. It is equipped with powerful engine units and a slipspace drive that allow it to move faster than a lot of current spacecrafts despite its size, as well as a Deuterium fusion reactor for an infinite source of power.  It is fully docked out with up to date Radar, Spectroscopes and LIDAR. This ship is made to be the mobile base of operations for the Galactic Authority, as well as a home for "refugees" taken in to be recruits. It has a total crew number of 17,151 - Officers: 8954, Operatives: 6021, Intelligence: 1,699 and Civilian: 477.

Civilian Description: Civilians are all seen without any sort of identification of authority. Are always wearing a full white plain outfit with no unique or special characteristics.

Soldier Description: Depending on their rank, most generic G.A Soldiers are seen fully armored, with helmets and body armor to match any situation. Every soldier in the common ranks all use the same deck, created to pacify the common criminal. They are nothing special, and anyone note worthy should have no problem dealing with them, and thus they are used for common criminals, patrols or crowd control should the need arise. Captains and above (excluding special operatives) all wear armor of rank, with their specific symbols on them and have reached these ranks through proving themselves, whether through an impressive amount of arrests or the creations of strategies to win battles. Their decks are created through their own personal choice and IF sent on missions, are usually personal or ordered.

Special Operative Description: Special Operatives are only recent within the G.A. These operatives are generally allowed to do whatever they like within the G.A, whether that be going after common criminals, or assisting in strategic development, either way, these operatives are usually wearing the general attire of their squadron with someone of their own to make it personal. Squadrons are rare among the G.A and are what most cadets aspire to.

Spacecraft Tier: 2 (To reach Tier 1, advancements have to be made, and at least 5 space fleets of T3 ships.)

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