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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:56 am

Citizen description: Synchro citizens are your basic run of the mill workers. They are usually tall, wear white and blue robes to signify their status, and have rather weak decks that can be pushovers sometimes. They are an amphibious race with a green hue, various tribal tattoos, and gills and fins over their body and face.

Soldier description: Synchro Soldiers are the best of the best chosen from the Synchro workforce. They are tall, robust, strong, cunning, and intelligent. They wear Red and Black robes to signify their status, and have rather strong decks that rely on combos to be efficient. Amphibious, different tattoos than the citizens, veterans are scarred.

Planet description: A watery planet that has an ocean covering most of it, the denizens here are amphibious, they built their houses and infrastructure from the water up. The citizens and soldiers are peace lovers, but can fight back if needed. The tech used by them is waterproof.

Planet Advantages: Strong warriors, strong diplomacy

Planet Disadvantages: Weak citizens, Weak survivability off water (excluding space)

Tier: 3 (Needs one research facility to reach Tier 2.)

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