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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:53 am

Summoning Method: Fusion

Citizen Description: Average citizen generally wears an assortment of color with their clothing, the average citizen is fairly smart, but not strong. Dueling wise about average, and sometimes over-calculate. Each person has their specific job and understands this. Very tight-nit within the community, but not with anyone else outside of it. Generally wear items or tattoos to signify their family lineage.

Soldiers: Generally well armored, with a single color designating them which branch of the military they are from. They are chosen from a series of trials. They're strong, smart, and decisive. It is one of the larger armies, and are very defense oriented to keep anyone from coming in. They generally bare a symbol on their armor designating them to a specific family, and are not aloud tattoos or jewelry

Planet description: A plant with both water and fertile lands. They do not barter at all, and wish to stay reclusive from the other nations. They are intelligent as they need to create crops and technology for themselves, but are also strong when it comes to protecting their planets, not allowing anyone pass their borders

Planet Advantages: Strong army, intelligent community

Planet Disadvantages: Bad communication with other communities, Unwilling to trade.

Planet Tier: 3 (Needs one research facility in order to reach Tier 2.)

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