Romin The Hybrid Part 3

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Romin The Hybrid Part 3 Empty Romin The Hybrid Part 3

Post by Nick Man on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:10 pm

Romin could sense part of his fathers powers within one of his child's, but it wasn't the same. His fathers remnants could not fully resurrect itself due to his hybrid DNA, making the child similar to his father, but not exactly. It had become it's own person, thought that would also mean the child was a hyrbid just like him. Knowing this Romin left the child his shield pendant, which Romin had stored remnants of himself to protect the child had anything ever happen to him.

Julia gave birth to two beautiful children. One named Nick who, as earlier explained, was a Hybrid like his father. The other was Alyssa, who was "Normal". She was human, but she had similar abilities as her mother did when she first destroyed the millennium items. Julia has kept this a secret from her, hoping she'll never find out.

Now Dark Hand has returned, and has a plan to take Nick and Alyssa back, mistaking these versions of their children there own. Kravin is utilizing a secret weapon he himself has crafted called the Millennium Bracelet. But unlike the other items it is not golden, but pure black. What this item does is still a secret, but Kravin plan's to display it's power very soon.

Nick and Alyssa hearing part of the truth from Julia of how they are related and are really hers and Romin's children, are completely distraught from this. Though Julia hasn't entirely told the truth, saying Kravin's children were killed, but in reality they had taken them away from Kravin and Lana. Already hiding her and Alyssa's abilities, her past, and the truth about Kravin and Lana's children, what else could she be hiding from the two?.....maybe something about the already mysterious child Rose?

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