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Post by Nick sux cox 'n' dix on Wed Aug 17, 2016 4:42 pm

Name: Yllsarieth Silverbloom

Alias: Silver

Deck: Barian HERO

Age: 18 Years Old (Actually 2, due to clone shit)

Dimension of Residence: Dawn

Background: Being a clone of two different types of DNA, Silver was created when Nasch, the leader of the Barian Emperors of the Dawn dimension, was made aware of events that had transpired in another. Acting to prevent them from repeating here, he split the DNA of the Barian Emperor Vector in half, only keeping him from reincarnating by trapping his DNA inside a body. However, if he used his own DNA, that body would be pure Barian and would still reincarnate regardless, so he used the DNA of a trusted human, Romin, to be the other have of the DNA mixture. Two clones were made from this DNA, however while one clone leaned more into his Evil DNA, looking to start in this Dimension what Vector did in another, there was one that leaned more towards the Good DNA. This clone was Silver, albeit unaware of his heritage, his half race, or the fact he's a clone in general. He has always had a special set of HERO cards, unknown to where he acquired them, just assuming he bought them at one point. Silver currently resides in the Dawn dimension, with a specific skill and intellect when it comes to Duel Monsters.

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