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Romin The Hybrid Part 2 Empty Romin The Hybrid Part 2

Post by Nick Man on Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:02 pm

Romin and Julia were happiliy married in the Dawn dimension. Julia had escaped her past in Dusk, and Romin was doing a fine job protecting the dimensions. Up until Romin sensed something. Romin had felt the birth of a new life, which contained remnants of his fathers power. Romin immediately investigated the matter with Julia, and the two had found their Dawn counterparts, Kravin and Lana. They were nearly identical physically wise, other than that they were complete opposite.

Lana's family and Kravin's family both worshipped the Shadow Realm and the millenium items. Kravin's family had more of a knack for those beyond just our planet though. Because of this his family lead an organization know as the "Dark Hand", which did antyhing in it's power to reclaim the millenium items, but not to use it to summon any ancient spirit, but to steal that spirits power for itself. This ancient spirit is still a mystery to even Romin and Julia today.

Kravin and Lana had given birth to children...twins. Naming them Alyssa and Nick, they had begun to devise how they would train their children in the ways of the Shadow Realm, and how they would be there legacy in their future empire over the world. Romin realizing just how powerful the children could be realized he could not let this happen. Julia had used the millenium necklace which she had found early on to look into the future. Peering in she could see the devastation Kravin alone would amass in the future. Worried, one night Romin used his Hybrid abilities, stealing Nick and Alyssa away. Kravin and Lana were both furious at what had happened. An alien being had taken their child away, their legacy, the legacy to the empire that would soon rise under their control.

As Kravin and Lana furiously planned their revenge, and how they would one day use the items to find their children and seduce them to the power of the Shadow Realm, Romin and Julia helped the children escaped. Romin brought the children to Dusk, knowing that Kravin could never reach them there, and raised Nick and Alyssa there, never revealing to them their true origins. Later on Nick's inner Barians abilities that he had achieved from his grandfather Nick who had left remnants of himself in him, being basically a resurrected version of him.

But years down the road, Julia would become pregnant with Romin's children.

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