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Romin The Hybrid Part 1 Empty Romin The Hybrid Part 1

Post by Nick Man on Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:49 pm

Romin was born a hybrid, under his father Nick the barian emperor and his mother, who to this day no one knew anything about, besides that she was an Astral. Nick the emperor had to send Romin off to being he had heard of called the Guardians. Nick's empire was crumbling in the midst of a war with the barian emperor known as Vector, and the guardian's had promised to protect the baby. The Guardians raised Romin with the ideologies of what the dimensions called a "hero".

After training him for thousands of years they assigned him to protect the dimensions Dawn and Dusk, which were similar yet different worlds. The Guardians had explained to Romin his early history and origin from the world Dusk, and how his father had split his spirit into two seeds throughout the fabric of time and space within these two dimensions. Romin was not only assigned the task to protect these two worlds, but too find the spirit of his father and guide it through a new version of himself, almost an entirely different being, and raise it to become the great and powerful being it was meant to become.

Romin eventually met Julia within the Dusk dimension. Julia was....normal. To the guardians she was a mere human, but Romin knew she was much more. She grew up within a dark cult, called the Shadows, who worshipped the shadow realms and hoped to use items called The Millenium Items to resurrect a powerful being and use it's power to take over the world. Julia was abused and traumatized all throughout her childhood, until she met Romin. She had escaped with all these items, stealing them from her family, and meeting Romin the two sensed the danger within them and destroyed them, nearly severing ties between all the dimensions. The Guardians were furious, until Romin himself explained the situation, and as to why they needed to be destroyed. Julia, wanting to escape from her family life here in Dusk, and strangely being affected by the items themselves after destroying them, wanted to escape. Romin took her to the Dawn dimension where they set up their new home....until they met they're counterparts.

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