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Supreme Chronomancer Caius - Part 1 Empty Supreme Chronomancer Caius - Part 1

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Caius, the peerless hero celebrated in legend, was a Guardian, appointed to serve and protect the Seeress. A Seeress, "Blessed" by the Goddess of Time, is burdened with the power of prophecy—her life span grows shorter with every vision of the future. She dies at a young age, only to be born once more among the Farseer people. Each reincarnation has the same appearance and ability, and is given the name 'Acacia'. The sagas sung of Caius' countless victories, of foes vanquished in the thousands. He was called 'Caius of the Ballads,' but despite his renown, none knew his true origin. He took the name 'Ballad' because of the one battle that nearly killed him.

The foe was a fellow warrior of the Farseers. Overwhelmed by the strength and skill of his opponent, Caius was driven back and back, until it was only a matter of time before the final blow would fall. But their duel was interrupted by an enemy attack, and during the ensuing battle Caius's opponent gave his life defending the Seeress. Caius believed that it was he who should have fallen in her defense. Thus, to honor the fallen warrior, he took his name.

Born prior to the War of Transgression, Caius is a member of the Farseers, the oldest tribe in known history, who revered the Goddess of Time. The Farseers are led by the Seeress "Acacia", gifted with the Eyes of Chronos and thus able to see changes in the timeline and make prophecies of the future. Forced to witness the changes to the timeline, each vision drains a part of Acacia's life until a final vision will kill her. Unable to pass on to the unseen realm, the Goddess of Time sends Acacia's soul back to the mortal realm where she is reincarnated with a new heart and new memories.

The War of Transgression
It was once thought by the inhabitants of the One dimension that their world was created by the deity of Space. Numerous resources were stolen from the Farseers and some of its people lured to Space with sweet promises of paradise, giving those who remained on the One world the impression that Space was a source of evil that must be destroyed. Similarly, the inhabitants of Space were made to believe that One World was a primal, hellish world filled with unknown terrors and monsters. The Space inhabitants plundering of One World's resources ignited the wrath of the Guardians, and caused them to wage war on the floating world.

The Guardians wished for One Worlds destruction so that the expiring human souls from the countless extinguished lives would reveal Time's gate, the gateway to the unseen realm. The Guardians thus hoped to call their Maker back into the world of the living so that the world could be reborn. Unable to destroy the World themselves because they have been crafted for the purpose of its maintenance, the Guardian Caius planned to have the "Barian L'cie" destroy the Eidolons - the beings that sustained the World by lending their power to all the rest of its inhabitants.

Two l'Cie from the northern village were chosen by Anima to destroy One World: Fang and Vanille. Their mission was to destroy the World by transforming into a being known as Ragnarok. Due to Vanille's fear of the beast's power, she ran off and left Fang to carry out the task on her own. Fang's incomplete Ragnarok cracked the Worlds outer shell. The Goddess of Time, knowing that the World's destruction and the resulting deaths would disrupt the natural order, transformed both Fang and Vanille into crystals before they could complete their mission.

The World suffered considerable damage during the war: its shell was cracked open and the Farseer's Guardians had to salvage components from Space to mend it. The War of Transgression spread fear of Space among the citizens of One World, which lasted for centuries. Almost the entire population of Space was wiped out with those who survived being outnumbered by the monsters patrolling the underworld. Exactly how this happened is unknown, but it was likely a combination of many things. Anima was the protector of One World, but after the war, the Space Vestige containing Anima and Vanille and Fang's crystal forms were taken into Space by Ace, leaving One World defenseless.

To prevent the destruction of One World, Caius was granted the power of L'cie, creating an army of the remainder of his people. With his four most trusted generals residing beside him. While his most trusted ally, and greatest friend became his right hand. His original name being lost to time, due to his great escapades in defending One World from Space, granting him the Title "N.E.O.S".

To protect Acacia himself, Caius performed an incarnate summon to destroy the enemy forces, a skill that let him become one with his Generals, but would cost him his life. The Goddess of Time, moved by Caius's dedication, freed him from his fate as a l'Cie and infused her heart, the Heart of Eternity, into his body, making him immortal so he could protect every incarnation of Acacia until the end of time. Although given as an act of benevolence, Caius would come to see his eternal life as a curse due to the madness he would have to endure.

Meeting the Goddess of Time herself, in the realm beyond, Caius was granted the title of "disciple" as she herself stated, he would be trained in the ways of Time.

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