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Prologue two: The Barians

The universe neighboring the Light matter universe, was one very similar to it, though much more primitive. In this Universe there was a ruling being, another dragon of Azure light, the dragon took care of its inhabitants and had created a code from which resulted in numerous different dimensions popping up, each with different species originating from the creator. In one of those dimensions were a race called the "Barians", the Azure dragon took special care of them, granting unto them the powers necessary to survive and destroy their enemies. The Barians were a peaceful race, occaisionally engaging in combat with other tribes, but never with brutality. The land was split into two major factions, The Azure Ocean faction, which ruled the center of the land, with ocean and all, these were the more sophisticated faction and valued blood and talent over brutality and class; the second faction was of a clearly lower descent, their azure bloodline was not resplendant, and they ruled the outskirts of the continent, they were not violent, but they did not welcome peace. At one point in time, the second faction had expanded quite well, and the Azure faction had wanted to quell any chance of them rising up, so they had colluded to bring down the faction through the use of suppression. This would be the first mistake in thousands that would bring this empire down.
The Azure faction had started to suppress the denizens of the second faction, instead of accepting them, and the second faction was getting restless, preparing for warfare. At this moment both factions felt a disturbance in their dimension, a wave of restlessness began to plague both factions, One was affected by worry, the other by aggression. In this time, the second faction began their assault on the Azure faction. Through countless years of fighting, the Azure faction barely came out on top despite their superior size and ability; their numbers dwindling, they cried out to the Azure god to bless them with the ability to repopulate their numbers, so the dragon had granted them with the ability to reincarnate, but it would only be able to be used as long as an emperor sat on the throne of a faction, from that point on, the Barians had begun to recruit kings, those with the most resplendant bloodline were crowned as kings and were given the ability to reincarnate and lead the troops with every will. The second faction did not receive any such benefits and was on the verge of being wiped out.
The Azure faction began to repopulate and contain their numbers, their kings being wise and benevolant, did not eliminate the second faction, instead considering them one family, but the second faction's hearts were already full of resentment, it was too late. Instead of accepting the rule of the king, they rejected and instead thrown away the Azure dragon, believing it to have abandoned them. And thus a White Peace between the two factions was once again established. Years later, another wave of emotions came from nowhere, causing both factions to feel restless; and once again the second faction declared war on the Azure faction. The Azure faction nearly wiped out the second faction, leaving only behind one heir, that the king of the Azure took in, due to an unexpectedly Azure bloodline emanating from the child. The Azure court was opposed to having a diluted bloodline on their throne, but could not quell the will of the emperor, instead, in the middle of the night, they assassinated the heir, ruining any chance of peace between the survivors of the second faction and the Azure faction. Enraged, the Azure king ordered their execution, but could not go through with it due to the values instilled by him.
Enraged, the second faction seperatists were growing brutal by the day, on the outskirts of the Ocean Empire, they were biding their time. Finally their time came, in the form of a Bright golden Light, flying past them at a speed never seen before. A member of the second faction had come into possession of this golden light accidentally, upon touching it, a tiny ripple was sent out, unfelt by anyone, a tiny ripple; in that ripple, was the ability and knowledge on how to turn conquered races into cards to preserve their bloodlines and even make them war each other. With this new information flowing into the barian's brain, he quietly stood there, absorbing the page into his body. From that point on, his bloodline changed, changed from an Azure color to a golden one. His eyes flashed with brutality and he lost all semblance of himself, letting madness take ahold of him; standing on the top of the mountain where he had gained the enlightenment, he looked down at his hands, and laughed maniacally shouting at the top of his lungs "I AM CAIUS INCARNATE! SUPREME EMPEROR! THIS WORLD WILL BOW TO ME!"
With the advent of the new Emperor being undetected by even the Azure dragon, Emperor Caius was unobstructed in his new campaign of brutal conquest. Starting with the outskirts, he conquered the second faction and turned them into cards, bringing waste to the lands wherever he went; countless years went by and Caius had finally conquered the entire second faction, turning them into cards, ready to be used against the Azure faction. When the time was ripe, Caius went and declared war on the Azure faction. The Azure faction being wholly unprepared for the chaos this emperor could make, underestimated him, believing him to be only one barian; Caius used the cards he had to summon troops from seemingly nowhere, to decimate every force sent at him by the Azure faction, conquering cities left and right. This baffled the Azure faction, and they had begun to look into the summoning method used by the Emperor, but they could not figure anything out. Caius ended up taking over the entire continent, turning the Azure denizens into cards as fodder. The ones that survived, ran to the Azure dragon for help. In that time, the supreme emperor had stopped and used half of the empire as sacrifices to recreate his first servant "Original N.E.O.S". With Original N.E.O.S being resummoned, Caius had regained all of his memories, knowing his powers were sealed and that he was killed, his master being destroyed to save his soul. With grief in his heart Caius had once again vowed to destroy those who had destroyed him, regaining his powers took first priority though.
Caius sacrificed the rest of the cards and had recreated his entire tribe of chronomancers, together they had ascended and dissappeared, beforehand turning back time to before the World crumbled, bringing back all of the dead, and bringing peace to the lands. But the body that Caius had left behind was not wholly unnafected by him, leaving behind different particles in his mind, twisting the personality of his Barian body. This Barian came to be known as the ruler of the second faction "Emperor Axis the Mad king". Emperor Axis rose to glory, conquered much of the Azure faction, and brought the second faction to prominance. The herald of his downfall had come when he had a child. His twisted mind being corrupted by residual particles left by Caius. His son, who he had named Vector, was the heir to the throne.
Vector was a nice child. Not one for conquest or violence. When he was born, a card fell from the sky, landing in his crib, it was "Number 104: Masquerade Magician - Shining" This was a herald to the Barian people who served the mad king. Proving that Vector was the real prince. The mad king died afterwards, unsuccessful in his attempts to get vector to take over the rest of the Azure faction. When the mad king died, the particles left behind by Caius all went to vector and fused with the Young, Malleable child, twisting his entire personality, corrupting him. Vector then declared war on the Azure faction, subjugating it and taking it for himself, he would have succeeded if the Emperor of the Azure faction, Emperor Nick the Great had not done a taboo deed and sacrificed his bloodline and forsaken the dragon, stopping vector for a short time while his General, Sakura, sacrificed herself to strip Vector of his powers, effectively sealing him. Vector was still as strong as the Azure Emperor, even in his sealed state, and they destroyed each other, and the entire lands around them, killing all of the barians but those in hiding, and with the ability to reincarnate. As vector died, he knew he would reincarnate, and destroy everyone that stood in his way. Nick split himself into two parts and sent himself to the neighboring dimensions to survive the reincarnation process.

End of Prologue 2.


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