Custom Rp Prologue 1: Light matter beings

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Custom Rp Prologue 1: Light matter beings Empty Custom Rp Prologue 1: Light matter beings

Post by Shade_killer on Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:05 pm

Prologue One: The Light Matter Beings

In a universe far from the dark and light dimension, there was an advanced civilization that used the matter around them to advance their lives and standard of living to an ideal and privilege few have. The leader of the civilization, the emperor, was the epitome of perfection in the eyes of the light matter beings, the only ones who could match his power and prowess were the high priests who controlled the rituals of the light. Everything was perfect in this utopia, the light matter being who ruled the light was pleased and bestowed his blessing upon his followers, content with their service to him. As time passed, so did the peace. As the wars came from the races around the beings, they very quickly began to use the light matter to defend themselves, and weaponized it, forming the legions of troops that would one day rule the entire universe. The light matter Battle Mages, reknowned for their use of magic and manipulation of light matter, would tear through the ranks of the enemies with their valorous performance; the light matter imps, reknowned for their hit and run tactics, would tear their opponents to shreds with their light attacks; the Light Matter warmasters, masters of war that dictated the flow of battle through their blessing from the being of origin; the Light Matter Hunters, masters of stealth that attacked their opponents from the shadows, with no regard to their lives; the Light Matter defenders, the royal guards of the emperor; the Light Matter archemages, disciples of the high priests, the main force of the armies that decimated the enemies with their use of light.

After the great defensive, the armies of the enemies were defeated, and eventually the Light Matter beings conquered their lands and converted them to the one true faith. And again a new era of peace was ushered in. As the golden era was ushered in, this was the height of the influence of the Being of Origin, even the animals in the kingdom were becoming light matter beings. As the populace was content, the conquered were not; eventually they ended up using their "old gods" of "anti-matter" to grievously wound the being of origin, causing him to go into a slumber. This slumber was manifested into a wave of exhaustion, a wave of exhaustion that proved devestating; the troops that once served the being of origin became nothing more than stray light matter, without a semblance of what they once were. Terrified, the focal points of the armies falling apart, and leaving the kingdom defenseless; the high priests went to the being of origin's resting place, and used the lives of two priests to awaken the Light Matter Being of Origin; enraged at having his rest disturbed, the being of origin sent them away with nothing but a blast of light matter. Hopeless, the priests wanted a way to awaken the Being of Origin, so they sacrificed half of their members' lives to form a "card" of light, that was meant for awakening the Being of Origin; what they did not notice is that with the wave of light matter sent to move them away, were seeds of corruption stemming from the rage of the god.

These seeds of corruption all implanted themselves in the populace, urging them to commit acts of violence, to corrupt those around them; eventually the pure light matter was becoming darker and darker. By the time the HighPriests realised this, it was much too late, half of their dwindiling numbers were already infected with this new "dark matter". As a last ditch effort the high priest known as "Hibari" took the last lives of the light matter highpriests, and sealed them into a form of will, which formed into a book; Hibari then sought out the emperor, and took his life with his consent, to further the legacy of their empire. Finally, Hibari left the main planet which was now the center of the New empire of the dark matter, an anarchaic place with no order, just fighting and ruthlessness; the shadow of an empire once past. Hibari realised that his time would soon come, so he made a last ditch effort to preserve the legacy, he used his own life to seal the card in the book, and split that book into four copies, sending it to the four ranges of the current universe. As his lifeless body floated in space, a spore was forming on his chest, a spore that spread its tendrils over his body, transforming it; his once rational mind was gone, what was replaced was a passion driven and crazy mind. This Hibari wandered the universe with one copy of the book sealed inside of him, driving him on, holding the life of the troops and his fellow highpriests.

Eventually this Hibari found a respite, a calming azure light was calling to him from across the universe, beckoning to him. Hibari was like a moth to a flame as he approached, taking thousands of years to cross the expanse, but time meant nothing to him, as the seed silently germinated. Eventually he arrived at a gate, this was the gate that was beckoning to him, the azure light he felt was coming from inside. As Hibari crazily rammed the door, the guardians were useless to resist as they were all blasted apart. As he pushed open the door, he was bathed in an azure light, and some semblence of rationality was awakened within him, prompting the book inside of him to suppress the urges made by the seed. In front of Hibari was an enormous azure dragon, looking at him with sorrow in its gaze. Hibari, sensing the god level entity in front of him, suddenly fell to his knees and began to cry out in an unintelligible voice. The dragon looked on with sorrow, and eventually turned to ignore the being of darkness, before looking at him once again with pity. The dragon could sense his intentions, and with a stroke of a claw, the dragon bestowed onto Hibari the code of the numbers, blessing the book within him, creating new "Number cards", revitilizing the troops sealed inside. As Hibari looked upon the dragon with gratitude, he soon realised the dragon was not done yet, with a snort and a gentle claw landing on his head, the azure light surrounding the dragon began to dim, as Hibari's dark energy was beginning to revitalize, The golden energy flowed from Hibari to the destitute dragon, replenishing its dwindled supplies. With a bow, Hibari was planning to leave, before bestowing onto the dragon a page from the legacy, which turned and fused with the code of the dragon, basking it in a golden glow.

After the encounter with the dragon, Hibari had his rationality again, but he realized he could not access his Light matter no matter what, instead he began to focus on how to weaponize this new dark matter. Hibari travelled from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy, meeting new beings, finding himself, finding hope. Eventually he came to the edge of the current universe, with the code he had received from the dragon, he opened a gate in the wall, causing ripples to spread out in the universe adjacent to the current one, which altered the entire history of the dimensions and universe there, making the process of turning conquered creatures into slaves by using cards possible for any advanced race. As Hibari stepped into the gate, unknowingly one of the books had been attracted to the ripples, and with a blinding flash it broke through dimensions, and landed in what is now the dark dimension. Hibari, sensing new hope, ignored everything else, and made haste for the now dark dimension.

End of Prologue 1.


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