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Post by Nick Man on Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:48 pm

Name: Nick Shizuro

Age: 18

Deck: Final HERO

Backstory: Let's begin Nick's backstory with his Dusk counterpart. On Dusk Nick was actually Nasch the Barian Emperor. He had been reincarnated as an orphaned child, and was found by Romin. Romin, realizing the potential Nick had to be a force of Evil, decided to take Nick in and try to raise him as someone who strives to be a HERO. Nick had then adopted a Masked HERO deck, given to him by Romin, and met many friends as he grew older. Eventually though the world became war-torn due to Vector's Barian Apocalypse. Nick and his friends fought valiantly, but hope had started to whither away after they had all witness the death of Romin. Just before Nick and his friends had dissappeared, Nick transferred the their memories onto their Dawn counterparts as Romin had warned him to do so.
The story for Dawn Nick was very different however. Because Barians did not exist in the Dawn dimension, Nick did not have his Barian roots. He was much younger than his Dusk counterpart, and was abandoned by his parents as a baby. Though he was found early on by Romin, who raised him and taught him to become a hero to those around him and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Nick met many new friends through Romin, and was even introduced to Julia the Head of Duel Academy. He attended the school and quickly became one of the top students. Romin eventually took in another child named Rose, who was only 4 years old. One day Romin had left to one of his "trips" and had never returned. Julia arrived at Nick's house, telling him about Romin's apparent death, and that she could not disclose as to how he had died due to a promise she made Romin. She then told Nick she'd financially support him and Rose, and then gifted him Romin's prized deck, the "Final HERO" deck, in which Romin left it to Nick in his will, as well as a Shield necklace. Nick has been on the hunt for Romin's murderer, and has started his search with Chase's family (his rival), the Lan's, the richest and most corrupt family in the whole world. However one day while resting, he had nightmare about an , older version of him witnessing Romin's death, and then witnessing the death of his friends and himself. He still does not know what to think about these dreams, and what he will do about them.

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